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viking World Tafl Federation Hnefatafl Championship tournament 2017.

Register for the tournament in July and August (press the "Enter" button below, fill in User name and Password and press the button "Register for the tournament").
The tournament starts September 1st 2017.

Registered participants by July 27th:
Steiger, jrton80, AreVidar, OdinHimself, edmond-dantes, animals, xerxes, altti, epm180, Kratzer, Tuireann, casshern, sqAree, Waegn, MrTopom, Hagbard, Patterson, Thanir, Fraech, DoktorKarlsrud

Room for many more championship participants. If you weren't to make it to the Valhalla Final, no worries, you'll have the Round 2 in As-, Mith- or Utgarthr.
Notice: The time limit for registering for the Championship Tournament is August 31st 24:00 Danish time.

Tafl against humans.
Тавлеи против людей.

Artist: Copyright © Rasmus Holbroe (Jan. 2016).
There is an invitation for a game of Hnefatafl.
Opponent: Hagbard, Copenhagen, Danmark
Tafl against the computer;
click on a board.

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Rules / Regeln / Règles / Regler / Правила.

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Tųnsberg Middelaldersfestival

Updated information about the Hull Hnefatafl tournament 17th June 2017:
Hull's First Hnefatafl Tournament Has a Winner!

Hull 2017 Matches All On-line.
Congratulations to David Lonsdale ("Animals"), Peterborough, UK.
Replay the games here (tournament 84).

Logo: Adam Bartley.

World Tafl Federation on facebook.

Congratulations to English National Champion 2017, David Lonsdale ("Animals"), Peterborough, UK.
Junior: Oliver Wilson, UK.

(West Stow April 16th 2017)
viking European Hnefatafl Championship tournament 2017.
The Beowulf Trophy match
For tafl players not living in North- and South-America.

The tournament starts March 1st 2017.

Rules: Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11.
There will be one round, all against all.

12 registered participants by February 28th:
xerxes, OdinHimself, Steiger, sqAree, AreVidar, animals, Marcin, Hagbard, Thanir, Kratzer, Anto2016, tankred

(Finally there will be an America-against-Europe tournament among the nine top players from each side, the Ragnarökr Trophy match.
European team for the final:
1 Odinhimself, 2 Animals, 3 Sqaree, 4 Hagbard, 5 Steiger, 6 Kratzer, 7 Thanir, 8 Xerxes, 9 Arevidar


Congratulations to European International Master 2017, Lucho Panchev ("OdinHimself"), Kyustendil, Bulgaria!
viking American Hnefatafl Championship tournament 2017.
The Vinland Trophy match (hat tip: Steve Lonsdale)
For tafl players living in North- and South-America.

The tournament starts February 1st 2017.

Rules: Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11.
There will be one round, all against all.

10 registered participants by January 31st:
altti, Fairland, theexplorer135, bigwurm91, Waegn, Casshern, Fraech, imaxuncut, Brench, Tuireann

(March 1st there'll likewise be a European tournament including all tafl players outside North- and South-America, and finally an America-against-Europe tournament among the nine top players from each side, the Ragnarökr Trophy match.
American team for the final:
1 Altti, 2 Casshern, 3 Fraech, 4 Bigwurm91, 5 Brench, 6 Tuireann, 7 Fairland, 8 Waegn, 9 Imaxuncut


Congratulations to American International Master 2017, Altti Piirsoo ("Altti"), New York, USA!

Hnefatafl is also known by the names Nefatavl, The King's Table, The Viking Game, Viking Chess, Tablut or simply Tafl.
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Comments on Hnefatafl.
The origin of the Viking board game Hnefatafl and the Berserk rules.
Links to more information on the Viking board game Hnefatafl.

Viking word of wisdom: The Hávamál.

Можно здесь играть в тавлеи и против компъютер и против людей. Можно использовать кириллицы.

Many thanks to Gary and Christa (Germany), Ludovic Antoine, Nikolas Lloyd, Sten Helmfrid, Olga Mudrichenko, Dmitrij Polovinkin, John C. Ashton, Tim Millar, Adam Barkley, Nicolas Cartier, Gregory Binns, Fabio Capello, Rene Gralla, Damian Walker and Olli Salmi for their contribution to this site. And not least the more than 400 players the world over who played here more than 15000 real tafl games humans against humans and thus created a vast, practical experience with this intriguing, historical board game.

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