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02-23/08:29 Hagbard: NB. The large forum is opened for new registering for a while.

02-22/16:42 Colophonius: I support the idea of an Alea Berserk 17x17 tournament between non-worldchampions :D But the rules need to be updated, at least the movement and capturing of the different pieces.

02-22/14:08 Draganov: Thank you Hagbard for making these possible imbalanced variants available for testing. I think Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) was measured to be imbalanced and in favour of the blacks because in the past the knights were not able to capture. However, now the K (knights) are real beasts. They are IMMORTAL and ARMED. It is really challenging to fight against such powerful pieces. However, because the king is captured from 2 sides and the blacks have so many pieces, the variant seems well-balanced to me.

02-22/13:33 Hagbard: done

02-21/13:05 Draganov: It will be great if we have the following variants visible in the imbalanced variants section:
Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) 
Old Hnefatafl 9x9
Copenhagen Lewis cross 11x11
Copenhagen T cross 11x11
Tawlbwrdd Lewis diamond 11x11
Tyr 9x9 
Sea battle square 9x9
Sea battle Lewis diamond 11x11
Sea battle-2542 9x9
Sea battle 9x9 (Imperial Contest)
All of these variants seems to be good to me. I am open to play them with both colors against everyone.

02-21/12:49 Draganov: @Hagbard, could you also create a section in the invite page, in which some imbalanced variants to be always unlocked. I would like to play several variants that are measured to be imbalanced but I think they could be good.

02-21/12:16 Draganov: I played 8 games in Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) and I remmeber that I was more struggling with the black pieces. I will invite some players to play some games. Then, I will open a tournament because I think it will be good to see this variant when two low-rated players are playing against each other.

02-21/09:28 Hagbard: - as for a tournament, you're on the starters' list -

02-21/08:50 Hagbard: I found a radio interview with Peter Kelly 18.8.2008:

02-21/08:49 Hagbard: Opened. Could be a challenge to white, as the balance is at the moment measured to -1.94

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Kievan Rus'.
Kievan Rus

Alexander Steiger Dis' game set up in the Royal Hall in Lejre, Denmark. (Click on the image)

Train your brain like a viking. Science Days in Norway Sep. 27th 2020. (Click on the image!)

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