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07-17/12:37 Hagbard: - or possibly width 16:
Each army a row of 16 soldiers, and in front of the soldiers each army one officer.

07-17/12:13 Hagbard: In case of Latrunculi, each army could have one row of 15 soldiers, and in front of the soldiers, each army two officers. That would make 34 pieces. Just a thought.

07-17/11:13 Hagbard: Interesting photo!! Just my guess:
A square board, number of rows = number of columns. Looks like 15x15. 34 game pieces.
I'd guess that the pieces originally have different colors, which are lost.
Sutton Hoo is from the 500-600's years.
At that time, Hnefatafl was known for a couple of centuries in Scandinavia, but Scandinavians were not known in Sutton Hoo.
The Romans were, though, in the past.
I guess that the set could, as one option, be used for the Roman game Latrunculi.
A couple of centuries later this same game set, by just adding more pieces, would be perfect for Hnefatafl.

07-17/10:33 MasterLuke: Hey you all
I have a question: since we're all into (Hnefa)Tafl, I may assume most of us have an interest in (early medieval) history... Now look at this picture:
It's a reconstruction of the famous Anglo Saxon Ship burial at Sutton Hoo. Visible up front is a game which looks a lot like a Tafl-game, but all the pieces are white and apparently there isn't a larger king-piece. Also, the number of rows on the gaming board is unclear and the positioning of the pieces makes no sense to me. Is this supposed to represent a Tafl game - albeit misinterpreted - or is it altogether another game? Anyone who has a clue?

07-17/09:16 Hagbard: OK. Normally I'd prefer the real name to an invention as is done with others (Bell, Lewis, Parlett, Bartley, Martens, Walker, Nielsen), so that it's not just cyberspace and virtual reality. The pronunciation is no problem.
But it's now Dimetr.

07-16/23:21 Dimetr: Everyone! Thank you for joining the tournaments!
Hagbard it would be better to call Dimetr 1 and Dimetr 2,
My surname is too hard even for russian language)

07-16/10:06 Hagbard: NB! The game timing is relaxed now so that it should be easy to play also from California. Standard tournament timing is now x5.

07-16/09:52 Hagbard: Casshern added to tourn. 797. Thank you for testing these setups!

07-16/09:00 Hagbard:

07-16/02:09 casshern: @Hagbard: Is it still possible to join tournament 797?

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Kievan Rus'.
Kievan Rus

Alexander Steiger Dis' game set up in the Royal Hall in Lejre, Denmark. (Click on the image)

Train your brain like a viking. Science Days in Norway Sep. 27th 2020. (Click on the image!)

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