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09-29/11:59 Draganov: @Hagbard, I played several games on the mobile app where I can make my own variant. I tested the Copenhagen rules with different setups and found out that even the setup for Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross 11x11 could be playable or at least worthy to be tested with the Copenhagen rules. 
I also tested a Copenhagen 11x11-w and Copenhagen Bell-w and think if the whites move first in these two variants it could be more playable and well-ballanced. Can you create a Copenhagen 11x11-w and Copenhagen Bell-w in the game options in order to test these variants with some of the players who are interested and not so busy with the world championship. 
PS: I am not proposing these variants for the current world championship but just want to test them.

09-27/10:12 mihkkal: @hagbard Ok, computer!

09-26/16:42 Hagbard: ATTENTION please! Race games Round 2 starts Sep. 29th 18 o'clock Danish time.
Umpire Mikkel, do you agree with the computer's list of players who move on?
(xerxes, holidayinnes, Draganov, Mihkkal, Orlo)

09-26/02:49 Павел Дусенко: Sorry. I dont understand how, but now, when I reread the rules of the tournament, I saw an explanation about the time. I re-read the last two times and didn't see it. I don't understand how this could happen to me.

09-25/13:08 Павел Дусенко: Hello. I can't understand why I was credited with losing the match against Jrton80. The rules say that 2 times for all games. Several times yesterday in some games there were warnings that they were ending, and I sent the moves. I think that I had good chances to win the game. Why do all the other games continue and I didn't lose to the bottom? Indeed, in some I made even fewer moves. Which makes me very sad. Probably the rest of the party I will salt from chagrin. Thank you.

09-21/10:55 Hagbard: Once every few years a female might have visited here.
The highest rated I know of was
1393 frisky

'A Elta Stelpur': interesting

09-21/10:09 Toscano: You're right Mr. Draganov, it would be better if each of us would post here something about himself. My name is Moreno Testi, male. "Toscano" is a nickname, i'm from Italy, Tuscany Region, Province of Pisa (do you remember the leaning tower? :-) ). Since few days started play Hnefatafl, because my interest in Vikings and in the North Europe culture, history, etc. This after i listened an Italian radio broadcasting about Viking ships museums, Roskilde, Oseberg, Oslo, etc.

09-20/23:32 Draganov: Well, about the female players, I think the strongest that has ever played here is Camelot (rating about 1600 in her peak). I know Camelot is a female player from our chat during the games we played against each other. I saw some other female nicknames in the game archive but I think these few female players were far behind Camelot regarding the strength of play.

09-20/21:29 mihkkal: @Draganov As for the gender of players that's impossible to know online. But you could check the forum section where players introduce themselves. In the live Smi board games sessions I've been to in the Nordic states, gender distribution appears pretty even to me, although possibly somewhat skewed towards more women than men.

09-20/21:25 mihkkal: @draganov Philip Winkelman wrote about Ad elta stelpur. I believe the title of that article was "An Icelandic chimera." Yes there's the many variants of Shkku, and there's Dalds and Ad elta stelpur. In addition there are findings and one text indicating play of a running fight game in Novgorod and England. Also there are speculations about the nature of Scripta but they are just that. 
And then of course there are many interesting and old running fight game traditions in Northern Africa, and Asia from west to east.

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Alexander Steiger Dis' game set up in the Royal Hall in Lejre, Denmark. (Click on the image)

Train your brain like a viking. Science Days in Norway Sep. 27th 2020. (Click on the image!)

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