12-03/14:54 Draganov: And regarding my prefered variants in matches against everyone who is interested to play, I would like to play Standard Copenhagen, Copenhagen Bell, Fetlar or Copenhagen with different initial setup (Copenhagen Lewis Cross, Copenhagen with the setup of Simple Tafl, Copenhagen Wedge, which I tested in the Felhunn app). I also would like to play Standard Copenhagen with whites starting first. I tested all of these variants on the mobile app and all of them worked well. I also want to test the Copenhagen rules with initial setup of the black pieces on E1, F1, G1 and E3, F3, G3.

12-03/14:39 Draganov: @Cassher, playing a match against you in February or March sounds good to me. I also would like to mention that in 2024 will be 10 years from the death of Peter Kelly who had a great role in the tafl revival. I think we could have a Peter Kelly's memorial tornament in the Fetlar variant in 2024. Probably, Hagbard or Adam could also try to invite Tim Millar (Crust) to come back just for this memorial Fetlar tournament.

12-03/14:35 Draganov: @Cacreal, playing 20 Copenhagen games against Alex sounds interesting and good for me. I am open to stream the games in a video but I need to check how to do that because I have never done it before. At least I can stream my face and my board because I am not sure if Alex would like to present himself in public. If we could not stream the games, we can just play 20 games in Copenhagen (10 with the Standard and 10 with the Bell setup) if Alex also wants to play against me. I will try to start such game series in the next week.

12-03/12:39 cacreal: I just reviewed Alex vs Draganov play to a draw in the WC22 archive and they don't have to play in the super series. From move 40 onwards Draganov on black makes an incredible, probably the best recovery comeback in Tafl and Alex collapses under pressure and even accepts a draw with the ability to do a side fort and many missed chances to escape. On the offence Draganov breezed to victory. Vegas is calling the series a draw so bets are even money but umpires need to verify live video feeds so the blitz belt with shine until the next super series main event when a challenger faces the winner and loser to play under the same terms simultaneously.

12-03/11:25 cacreal: Draganov vs Alex world speed championship 20 game extravaganza of blitz Copenhagen is what I would love to watch. Both are very talented and available to play as they have been eliminated. 10 bell and 10 regular set up. Each player with stopped individual time of only 24 hours to play and then 30 minutes a move. Since they are in a similar time zone we could see the results and crown a blitz 2022 champion by the end of the weekend. If this isn’t enough for them they could also play 10 Tablut games in a similar fashion at the same time. Maybe there could be video feeds so we could watch them battle in real time. So many options. Alex is favoured to win with the higher ranking heading into the challenge but I believe Draganov can make it a series to remember. What do you say fellas ?

12-03/08:30 casshern: Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but this the 15th year that a Tafl champion will be crowned, going back to the first tournament on Fetlar Island in 2008. It is also the 10th year that a champion will be crowned using the Copenhagen variant. The first 5 tournaments used Fetlar rules. Just thought I would mention it for anyone who cares to know.

12-03/08:02 casshern: @Steiger: Do you still correspond with Ded Fomich. I would love to play more games of Tablut with him.

12-03/07:31 casshern: Sounds good to me. We can play in February or March.

I am also up for Hagbard’s idea of a “Beat the Winners” tournament. I will accept any challenge in the following variants: Copenhagen, Tablut, Welsh Tawlbwrdd, Simple Tafl, Berserk, and Sea Battle 9x9. I would also play Sea Battele 11x11, but either the cross or circle set up. I don’t really think the set up used in the tournament is very playable.

Depending how many games I would end up playing, would probably have to stagger the start of the games. I could probably handle about 10 matches at a time. Or when I finish at least half the games, I could start another 10 matches.

Im guessing Draganov would also be open to this challenge. Not sure of his preferences on variants and how many games he can handle at one time. I know at one point he challenged himself to 100+ games at once. Amazing! Unfortunately, I don’t have the time for so many games at once. But I will try to focus more on being more active here.

12-02/18:01 Draganov: @Casshern, what do you personally think about an exhibition match of 10 games in the Copenhagen variant between you and me. I am expecting a baby and will not be able to focus on the game by the end of the year and you are involved in the R3 of the world championship. However, I think if you agree, we can play such a match in the Spring of 2023. After the match, we can provide some comments on the games and analyses and publish them in the forum for the benefit of the development of the game. Let me know if such a match would be interesting for you.

12-02/17:57 Draganov: @Hagbard, your test example is used in the context of this double-elimination tournament. I think if we use it in a round-robin it will give better result. In the double-elimination tournament OdinHimself faced much stronger competition than Sqaree.

12-02/08:29 casshern: So far, I don’t see the need for these parameters. But perhaps we can speculate more after the 3 round is finished.

12-02/06:57 Hagbard: In the Copenhagen tourn. three players all have 2 losses: Sqaree, OdinHimself and Toscano.
If this is used as a test example, how could a winner of these three be found?
The Performance Ratings in the tournament are
Sqaree 1760
OdinHimself 1743
Toscano 1193
so by this parameter Sqaree is the winner.

12-02/05:53 casshern: Ok so here is what I have been trying to explain. We have always done groups of round robin and for the last two years double elimination. And It hasn’t failed yet to determine a winner. The closest we got was when Plantagenet and I had to go to a third round. A tiebreak round we called it at the time. Unfortunately, the Sonneborn–Berger tiebreaker didn’t work then because we lost to the same opponent. The only tiebreaker I am ok with is Sonneborn–Berger. But like you say, it is an issue in every sport. For example in baseball, basketball, or football, you might have 2 teams meet in the championship that have different skills. One team might be good offensively and the other better defensively. It comes down to who can win. It doesn’t matter if a team wins by a lot or a little. Same here. If a player doesn’t want it to come down to tiebreakers, he/she should just win all their games. Since, this rarely happens, directly compassion of games against different opponents is the best tiebreaker in my opinion. And if Sonneborn–Berger can determine a winner than I am okay with that. I don’t like it, but I think it’s the best tiebreaker. My last suggestion would be to follow your suggestion. If there are 2 or 3 players remaining at some point. Have them play multiple games against each other. I would also be ok with crowning co-champions if need be.

12-01/17:52 Draganov: @Casshern, I understand that if we use single elimination with matches, we can have a situation in which the result is equal 4:4 or 5:5. However, the problem with the tied players/teams occures in every sport. For example, in Football, we could have a team that won all of the games in the group and then being eliminated in the next round after a draw and penalty shootouts. In boxing or MMA we have a judge decision and during the years we witnessed a lot of controversial decisions. So, separating tied players is really a problem in every kind of sport. If we use only round-robin groups, we also could have a situation in which two, three or even more players beat all the others and split against each other. However, we can't prolong the tournament for months or the whole year. So, additional criterias could be used. I proposed a group or round-robin for the R1 and if two or three players are tied, then we need to allow only one of them to go to the 1/2 finals. To find a winner between the tied players, we can use another round between them or additional criteria such as Sonneborn–Berger score or even game-length based on all of their games in the round. Then, we will have a player who will be ahead of the other tied player and it will be OK because in that particular moment one of the players was just little bit better than the other. The same like in football, one of the teams were little bit better to win the penalty shootouts. It is bad for the eliminated player to be eliminated with such a small difference in the result but we just need to have one winner from each clash.

12-01/16:46 Hagbard: May Odin give you knowledge on your path.

11-30/16:48 holidayinnes: Cacreal have also advanced to the third round in Coppenhagan. Best of luck to all. SKUL!!!

11-30/09:30 Hagbard: NB!! Round 3 tomorrow 18 o'clock Danish time.

11-30/08:39 Hagbard: That's what the computer says -

11-30/08:35 casshern: @Hagbard @Umpire Mike: Cacreal can also be added to the list of players moving on to the third round of Copenhagen, correct?

Good Luck to everyone in round 3!!!

11-30/08:30 casshern: Tablut-W makes sense to me. Since we split our Tawlbwrdd games. Good luck Dimetr!!!

11-30/08:29 Hagbard: The new timing is active, so that an extremely time consuming game can risk to end with a 3 hour window for timeout.
But this does not apply to the World Tourn. games.

11-29/21:58 Dimetr: Oh really! It's great!

11-29/21:33 Hagbard: Saami Tablut-w it is!

11-29/21:20 Dimetr: I'm also like the idea of changing variant.
And I'd like to play Tablut-W, if Casshern doesn't mind.
Hagbard - maybe we'll play Tablut-W in the final?

11-29/20:46 Hagbard: Timing.
12000 games of 2021 and 2022 were inspected in view of timing,
and timing out extremely slow games in 3 hours would've affected only a handful of those games. And only 2 of 1000 games would've got below 8 hours.

11-29/15:25 Hagbard: The game length tie breaker is to save time, to avoid another round of perhaps a month.

But there's also another reason. If just two players meet in a Final, then there's a high chance that they are very even, and they could go rather indefinitely round after round without finding a winner.

When you met Plantagenet in the Final 2017 you were very even, and it was only a miracle that the next round was not a tie also.


I like your idea of using the variant not played before!

11-29/11:27 casshern: I don’t mind this double elimination format that has been used the last couple of years. Though, we can definitely improve upon it. I have already made some suggestions about that. Mainly, spreading out the opponents to make it more balanced. Maybe meet in the middle between a round robin (that evenly spreads out all players) and this current format that puts all same skilled players against each other.

Also, not sure if this is the case this year (if not maybe another suggestion for next year), but for round 3 (and beyond, in necessary) of HH and SB, if opponents meet for a second time, they should play the variant that they have not played against each other yet.

For example, for HH and SB round 3 this year, Dimetr and I would play Tablut and Draganov and I would play SB 11x11. If players are still tied then they would keep alternating variants round after round until a winner is found.

11-29/11:12 casshern: @Hagbard: In case of a tie between players, I have never liked tiebreakers such as, quickest game or least amount of pieces captured. I don’t think the strength of opponent would work here either. Since the higher seeded players have had better opponents. I can’t think of anything better than to play another round. Like Plantagenet and I did in 2017. 

@Draganov: The main thing I worry about with your format proposal is what if two players split games with each other and swept everyone else in the group? They both couldn’t move on. Then we would have to rely on some subjective tiebreaker. Same would go for the Semis and Final round. What if the players split their games?

This is my 6th WTF tournament on this site and things have always naturally worked themselves out. I think round robin or double elimination work well because each player gets to play against many different opponents. In Draganov’s proposed format, a player could be eliminated with only 1 game lose. By some random tiebreaker that we think best quantities who the best/better player is.

11-28/15:11 Hagbard: ATTENTION please! Copenhagen, Hist. and Sea Tafl Round 3 start Dec. 1st 18 o'clock Danish time.

Umpire Mike, do you agree with the computer's list of Copenhagen players who move on?
(Dimetr, Pavel Dusenko, garun19, casshern)
(a fifth player is either Cacreal or Draganov and is added later when possible)

Umpire Hamish, do you agree with the computer's list of Hist.Hnef. players who move on?
(Dimetr, casshern)

Umpire Adam, do you agree with the computer's list of Sea Tafl players who move on?
(Draganov, casshern)

If it should happen that all players are eliminated:
The player with the fewest losses won.

If there are more players with the same fewest number of losses:
Direct comparison of the games between the tied players counted for all rounds.
If this is also even, the player who in the comparison won with the shortest sum of game lengths counted for all rounds, is the winner. (If a game was resigned, the number of moves it would take to finish the game, is added.) If the game lengths differ by less than 10%, they're considered equal.
Or new rounds between the tied players until the winner is found.

11-27/20:09 cacreal: @draganov - i think the new timing briefly was posted to show everyone you took an extra 4 days to make the moves in our current game. Last year I was forced into a repetition playing you and had to make moves in new rows or columns or resign. In the past you also never accepted my offer for a draw. This year you have the same option to resign or send your remaining pawns to Valhalla before your king is captured or lose by repetition.

11-27/17:53 Draganov: @brave-frog, the Swiss format is interesting but very slow in correspondence games. If we use Swiss format, we will need at least 5 rounds in order to have a clear winner. Imagine if in each round one of the games takes more than 200 moves. It will take months the tournament to be finished

11-27/17:09 Hagbard: The timing method has no effect. The minimum timeout is always 13 hours for these two games.

11-27/16:53 Draganov: @Hagbard, I am sorry to say that but you made another wrong decision to add the new time buffer for the remaining two games of the round 2. It gives additional 11 hours to Cacreal's time buffer. I offered draw in my game against him and he refused. I don't mind to leave the tournament as I am practically eliminated with the draw. However, I just don't think making changes during the games is right.

11-25/23:59 Hagbard: a bug

11-25/22:37 brave-frog: In Daldos it’s possible to move twice the same pawn. Move a pawn one time, click on another activated pawn, which can’t move, and click on the pawn that has been moved already, and you can move it again. Is it a rule or a bug?

11-25/21:19 Dimetr: Draganov is right,

it will be interesting to create some groups of player  in the Round 1 (like in football championship), and
the winner, or the first two players in the group - will go to the round 2

11-25/19:34 brave-frog: Hello everyone! May I put my two cents in your conversation? Why don't you want to use Swiss tournament system? It’s a standard format in chess for example

11-25/16:12 Draganov: @Hagbard, the idea to play a tournament against the winner or against the top players is absolutely great. I am open to play against everyone. I will retire from tournament play but I am open for interesting challenges. I am open to play a match against Casshern (not to prove that I am the better player, it is obvious that I am not) but just to produce interesting games between high rated players. I am open to play matches against Cacreal, Garun19, Alex, OdinHimself and Plantagenet in his own variant (Plantagenet wants to play only in his own variant). I am open to play matches against everyone even the weakest player. As a retired player, I just want to play matches and not tournaments.

11-25/16:05 Draganov: The benefit of such a tournament is that it will last just 3 rounds and after R1 most of the players except the four semi-finalists will be free for new challenges. Even if the tournament continues for months, it will occupies only 4 players. It will produce at least 26 games on the highest level (16 games in the semi-finals and 10 games in the final). Even the weakest player will not be eliminated after just 4 games but will play in the R1 against 6-7 opponents. 
Could you please give your opinion on this format?

11-25/16:04 Draganov: @Casshern, I am also grateful for your comment. I value it because you have a lot of experience and you are the highest rated player. However, it is important to see the opinion of the other players regarding the time buffer and the format. Sometimes I think that very few players are trying to make improvements and suggestions on the development of the game and the tournament formats. 
I just want to clarify that I have never advocated for a tournament format like this. I have never proposed double elimination format. If I have to be honest, I have never heard about such a tournament format before Hagbard implementing it last year. What I do advocate and proposed so many times but noone even express a thought about it is a mixed tournament with round-robin and SINGLE elimination. 
This is my suggestion for the format of the world championship:
ROUND 1) -> 4 groups with Round-robin format (the winners from each groups are moving to the next round)
ROUND 2) -> Semi-finals with single elimination... the paired players are playing a match of 8 games. All of the games start at once.
ROUND 3) -> Final match between the two best players... a match of 10 games. 
This format is easy to understand and will most likely produce the best player as a champion. In case of a tie we can use an additional criteria as a separator or just play another set of games to have a clear winner. As additional criteria we can use:
1) the performance in the previous round (the player who won more points in round 1 is the winner in case of a tie in round 2)
2) the rating or the performance during the calendar year (if both players won the same amount of points in R1 then the winner is the player with better performance during the year)
I do believe that in the final, we must not use additional criterias to find the winner but in case of a tie, the finalists must play another set of games, probably in different variants. 
The benefit of such a tournament is that it will last just 3 round

11-25/15:43 Draganov: @Cacreal, you are about to stop me in the greatest blockade I have ever seen and probably the greatest game ever. I am open to finish this game today. I am playing slower than usual because I am too busy at the moment. It is difficult to be as active as I used to be when I am expecting my wife to give birth in the next weeks or even days and I am also busy at work. You can probably asked your father too why he is prolonging his game against me too? Maybe after I finish the game againt you, the round 3 can start. I will be eliminated and my game against Garun19 can be finished while the players who reached round 3 play against each other.

11-25/15:32 Hagbard: The Dablo Frisian2 test tournament:
Mandatory capture.
Pieces move only forward (3 directions), but capture in all directions as usual (8).
Kings and princes can move in all directions (8).
Men on the last row are promoted to princes.

11-25/14:14 floki: @Hagbard Great idea ! I am into it. I mainly joined the world tournament to face the greatest especially, Casshern who only appears once a year 😜

11-25/14:09 cacreal: @hagbard i would enjoy a chance  to play Plantagenet and Death. The two top rated not in the world tournament. Your idea does sound like fun.

11-25/13:20 Hagbard: Afterwards I'll probably copy the posts of this discussion to the large forum, where they will be easier to find again later.

After the World Tourn., would it be fun to have a Beat The Winners tournament?
Fx. for Copenhagen:
We'll then know the winner #1. By the Performance Rating method we also know #2 and #3.
Then a tournament for everybody else to beat these three. The three don't play against each other, and all others also don't play against each other.

The same for Hist.Hnef., Sea Tafl and Race Games.

11-25/12:58 cacreal: In a sportsmanlike manner I will accept a draw even though Draganov should lose from repetitions. @Draganov - I believe you can play some moves today and our game will be officially the longest :)

11-25/12:51 cacreal: I have waited now for an hour after my last move before posting this   . Which means by his own rules the current world champ is  eliminated :) Get ready !  Round 3 Copenhagen will start as soon as my opponent  retires, gets called for a repetition or the match is called a draw. Without intervention and with the current timing the game could last indefinitely. @Draganov - you complain about long time to make moves and do it yourself all the time, including yesterday.  I challenge you to play 10 moves today and then retire so round 3 can start for the remaining players. The longest game move wise in this tournament has been 201. Can the game be capped at a certain move number ? Like 205 ? And then the umpire makes a  call ? For a champion to not make it to a final round does give weight to @casshern ´s input. Alternatively I would suggest that casshern, dimetr, pavel, garun could start the 3 round  if Draganov vs cacreal continues. Timing - a master move or elapsed time clock when it is your move would clearly show or be great incentive to play diligently. Even two weeks per player total would ensure a round is only a month. If your two weeks to play elapses your move clock could be reduced significantly. For example while I have been playing Draganov I have played Dimetr and Pavel in a set of interesting games and all were completed. I also played a set of complete games with casshern this round that ended weeks ago. Maybe the umpires can collectively look at our game and make a decision ? I do realize posting here may slow my game down even more but that is the current timing rules and I am learning to be patient from past years games. Using casshern suggested round 3 match ups he would face play dimetr, Pavel and Garun. Dimetr would play Pavel , Garun, casshern, and me . Garun would play casshern, dimetr, myself or just the first two. I would play Dimetr, Pavel and Garun. Dragonov will retire if he doesn’t make it out of this round. In a sportsmanlike effort I wil

11-25/11:40 casshern: Boy, it’s well passed my bedtime, but I have just one more thought to add regarding the format. Regarding round 3. Not for this year, of course. But possibly for the future. Although, I think it could apply for this year as well.

In round 3, if there are 3 or more players still alive then any players who have not played each will now play each. Still no repeat matches And depending on where the players are in their loses, try to keep the games to a minimum.

The wording here is not great but essentially it means that at this point in the tournament, some players may have to play more games that others.

Example 1: only 3 players remaining and A/B have already played. Then A/C and B/C will play each. A/B would not be repeat. Or if C already played A and B. Then the only match would be A/B.

Example 2: 4 players remaining. Lets say A already played B C and D. Then A doesn’t have any matches in round 3. Basically, just trying to match up players who haven’t played against each other at this point. But no need to max out the games. If we know that C and D have 1.5 loses each or 1 and 1.5 loses respectively, then they only need to play against each other. Keeping in mind the fundamental principles of equal amount of games if possible and for each player to play everyone once if possible.

11-25/11:11 casshern: @Hagbard. Thanks for the response. I agree with you on the timing. And like Cacreal said, it still feels like it takes forever. If it’s true that time outs are up then that is very unfortunate.

Would anyone else like to give there option on the timing issue? Do you think the 13 hour move buffer is good/okay. Or would you like it better to be 25 hours? Or maybe 17 hours? The real question being would you prefer the tournament to finish quicker or for more games to be completed. Personally, I don’t mind the length of the tournament. I really don’t like to see games time out. I know Odinhimself was disappointed to time out a game against me. And we all know that games will get dragged out regardless. There’s just no helping it.
Perhaps judge’s intervention is an option?

This is probably a thread for the large forum. Im sorry to always spam here. I just never really use or look at the large forum anymore.

11-25/10:58 Hagbard: The other issue, the format, is also a great challenge.

I described the thoughts about the format more accurately here:

11-25/10:58 casshern: I only checked a bracket with 16 players. Presumably, I with more players, the bracket would look the same at the top. Then there is the ladder pattern that develops. And it would probably just continue with more players. And the bottom of the bracket would look roughly the same.

11-25/10:55 casshern: I know I’m just complaining in hindsight here. But, I do feel like my complaints are valid. I’m sorry to anyone who is offered or put off by my post. If not for their content then for the length of the posts. I really am just trying to improve the system here.

@Hagbard: Here is my suggestion to make this format more balanced. I know this format puts players against other players of equal skill. Round robin puts players of skill levels that are more widely spread. My suggestion is to blend these 2 concepts.

Still 1 big double elimination bracket with all the players. Secondly, I think each player should play the same amount of games in each rounds. Perhaps, round 1 - 4 matches each. Round 2 - 3 matches each. Round 3 - 2 matches or a bracket of remaining players. It really just depends on how many players make it to round 3. I haven’t gone through all the scenarios. Third, players cannot play against the same opponent from round 1 in round 2.

The bracket itself is similar to a regular bracket that would put #1v#8 #2v#7 etc. But a bit modified to be as balanced as possible. Through trial and error I found a pattern that I think works. If you could lay it out on a bracket it would be much easier to visualize. It would looke like this. I will list the player first and then who the 4 opponents will be.

#1 - 4 5 8 11
#2 - 3 6 7 12
#3 - 2 6 9 13
#4 - 1 5 10 14
#5 - 1 4 7 15
#6 - 2 3 8 16
#7 - 2 5 9 14
#8 - 1 6 10 13
#9 - 4 7 11 15
#10 - 3 8 12 16
#11 - 1 9 13 15
#12 - 2 10 14 16
#13 - 3 7 11 15
#14 - 4 8 12 16
#15 - 5 9 11 13
#16 - 6 10 12 14

11-25/10:31 Hagbard: @Casshern, thank you for commenting!
There are two issues: timing and format.

As for timing.
The reduction of the minimum timeout from 25 hours 2020 to 13 hours 2021 had an effect:
The tournament length was halved from 186 days 2020 to 89 days 2021.
But 2021 is also when some unfortunate timeouts started to happen.

This year unfortunate timeouts have happened to
OdinHimself, Holidayinnes, Steiger, Luizz, Orlo, Pavel Dusenko, Rollo, MasterLuke, Casshern, Sauron, Kihtan,
and I am sorry for that.

The timing tightens this way:
At start you have 4 days time buffer plus 1 day for the move.
When your part of the game time passes 4 days, the time per move is slowly reduced.
When the time buffer is emptied and turns negative, the minimum timeout is slowly reduced from initially 25 hours and ending at 13 hours.

The timing problem is a great challenge.
Naturally the players have a life, and still it must be easy for all to participate in the tournament.
On the other hand it's also important that the games and the tournament don't last too long.

11-25/10:17 casshern: Its even worse in SB. Were again the big 3 had to play 4 matches against each other. Again Casshern and Alex playing an extra match in the second round. Again, I timed out a game against Alex in a match that wasn’t necessary as I swept him in the first round and Draganov swept him in the second round, eliminating him. Instead, my only lose was the time out. I should be sitting at 0 loses.

It was really unfortunate for Alex in this tournament in particular, as his only loses were to me and Draganov. In fact, for the big 3, outside of the loses to each other only Draganov lost another game, to Potapych.

Congrats to Potapych, Rollo, Dimetr, Jilles, Cacreal, Garun19, and anyone else who was able win a game against Draganov, Casshern, or Alex. I know it is not easy against any of us. And any win against us is well deserved. I just wish this tournament was more balanced and had more opportunity like this.

11-25/10:03 casshern: Think about it. If Draganov, Casshern, and Alex each play each other once in the first two rounds, there are 3 possibilities. 1. They all end up with at least 1 match lose. 2. They end up with at least 0.5, 1, and 1.5 loses respectively. Or 3. One of them gets eliminated (simply by playing against the other 2). Which unfortunately was the case for Odinhimself in the first round.

Naturally because we are playing other players as well, we will accumulate more loses. Like in HH, where Jilles beat Casshern and Alex, once each. Unfortunately, he got swept by Draganov and wasn’t able to advance to the second round. I swept Draganov and Alex giving them 1 and 1.5 loses respectively. In round 2, since Draganov and Alex were going to play a set of games against each other, one of them (maybe both) would be eliminated. Which is exactly what happened. They split their games, eliminating Alex. And Rollo managed to beat Draganov, eliminating him too. This is the kind of opportunities for other players that I have been talking about.

Instead, Alex and I are matching up again, quite unnecessarily, and I timed out one of the games. My point again is that it was not necessarily. We could have been matched up against other players. For example Dimetr, who advanced to the final round having only played against me, of the big 3. Granted he was able to beat me in one game. Which was well deserved. I just think we should be meeting in the final on equal footing, at 1 lose each. Instead, I have an extra lose against Alex in a game in which I thought was not necessary. And Dimetr didn’t have to play Draganov or Alex. I played 3 matches against them.

11-25/09:34 casshern: Now I will go back to the point I was making about a month ago. In the 3 Talf tournaments, Copenhagen, HH, and SB, Draganov, Casshern, and Alex were the only players in the top 6 who moved on to round 2, in each tournament. I think I have a solution for this issue, but I will explain it later.

It is just such a disadvantage for players to start out in the too 6 in this format. Vice verse, it is a bug advantage to not have to play against what I will just refer to as the big 3. So far, its looking like Cacreal maybe the only player to survive against the big 3. Even a player as good as Odinhimself can’t survive against 2 of the big 3. Garun19 I will note, has done very well against the big 3. At least, 2 of the big 3.

But this is my point. Why not give other players the chance to play against the best and prove themselves? Instead, we have Casshern and Alex playing against each in the first and second rounds??? This is a match up for a grand final, no? Instead, we have to keep playing each other until we eliminate each other and someone else is crowned the champion?

11-25/09:12 casshern: Unfortunately, some of us who play here don’t have as much time on our hands to commit to these games as players like Draganov and Alex Hnefatafl. This is why the time buffet is and will continue to be any issue. Regardless, we have to draw the line somewhere, right? I think the buffer is good. I would just like more clarity on exactly how it works. Because in my other games the buffer didn’t run down as much as it did in my games with Alex. Is that simply because he makes his moves immediately after I make mine?

@Cacreal: I chose to post here because I thought (and still think) that I had a valid point/complaint to make. Draganov posts here all the time. The difference is he has more time to commit her than I do. I haven’t played here since last year’s tournament, but it feels like Draganov and myself have most opinions to express here. Like last year when I thought Alex’s actions in the tournament were unsportsmanlike and created an advantage for some players. While you were the one who was affected in a negative way. I spoke up for you. But not only for you, but for anyone who would have been in your position. And I lost a lot of respect for many players here who were ok with what I thought was blatant cheating (game fixing). That was my opinion of the situation and I spoke it.

Now I am trying to help fix what seems to be a bad tournament structure. A tournament structure that Draganov advocated for, I might add. Which he has since trashed. Like I have asked before, what was wrong with the round robin format that we used to use? Draganov wasn’t satisfied with it?

11-25/08:45 casshern: To be honest, the main reason why my activity has drastically declined is because of the time buffer. Prior to 2020, I don’t think I ever timed out a game. Probably in my first 1,000 games, never a time out. Then left and right I was timing out games. Even in this tournament, 2 time outs.

I do agree that a 13 hour move buffer is better than a 25 hour buffer though. I started timing out games on the site because I became busier with other things in my life. And Tafl wasn’t a priority for me as it once was. I was devastated when I timed out the two games in this tournament. This is what happened that day. Like everyday, I woke up at 6 am to get ready for the day. Which includes making my moves in my games. Periodically, I would think to myself, I need to make my moves before about 7pm. But as the day went by more and more things came up. So by the time 10pm came around I finally was able to sit down to look at my games. To my horror, I had lost (timed out) 2 games to Alex.

Don’t get me wrong though. It was completely my fault. And to that point, Cacreal was nice enough to point out that at the start of the second round, I took the time to post in this forum rather than make my moves in my games. Which caused me to deplete my 4 day buffet quicker. But what is weird is at some point, maybe around 2 days left in the buffet, the buffer stops regenerating like it normally does. @Hagbard can you clear this up for me. At what point does the buffet stop replenishing itself like it normally does?

11-25/08:16 casshern: Thank you Hagbard for bringing up the timing issue again. I have been meaning to post on it but I haven’t had the time. Actually, I have a lot of things I’d like to talk about. But it seems every time I post here now a days, I end up sounding like an ass. Well, at least that’s how I feel about it. Regardless, I’ll try to be as constructive as possible.

Regarding the current timing used in the championship tournament. I think its good. I read the forum post you linked and the other suggestions would shorten the buffer too much, I think. In year’s past the “move” buffer was 24 or 25 hours, if I remember correctly. And I don’t really see a difference in the tournament length. Each round of Copenhagen usually takes roughly a month. Draganov mentioned players dragging out their games. This always happens. It’s happening even now. There is just no preventing these delays. A solution for this would perhaps be to give the judge(s) the power to declare a winner without having to wait weeks for the games to naturally finish. I don’t know though. That would probably go against the integrity of the game. It’s just a suggestion.

11-24/10:53 floki: @Riiem : Bienvenue!

11-24/03:15 Riiem: Hi there, hope the tafl community is doing well!
I took a two years break of playing online, then i just came back here and on a tafl app. I only played with kids over last two years so i get to take the rust off! 
See you on the Tafl Board!

11-22/19:00 Hagbard: Oct. 12th there was a question about timing.
It's a difficult subject, here's one idea:


If there is a Round 4 perhaps it could be tested there?

11-19/23:05 Hagbard: happened to me many times -

11-19/21:52 brave-frog: Please note about an initial trap! if you see a threat h8-i7 please respond i5-h6 to avoid the trap!

11-19/18:36 Hagbard: The Dablo Frisian test tournament:
Mandatory capture.
Pieces move only diagonally forward, but capture in all directions as usual.
Kings and princes can move backwards.
Men on the last row are promoted to princes.

11-19/17:03 Hagbard: Dablo-x and Dablo Frisian -> Dablo Frisian0
Dablo Frisian2 -> Dablo Frisian

11-19/12:00 Hagbard: Full Monty Dablo Frisian2:
Officers can go backwards, and promotion of men to princes.

11-19/08:58 Hagbard: Now your experiment is "Daabloe Frisian" in "more games".

11-19/07:26 Hagbard: It will not be in the program for now.
- But you can still do the experiment:
If you agree with your opponent to always capture and to only move this way, this way you can test the idea.

11-19/00:02 brave-frog: Sorry for bothering but why mess? It can be a modern Dablo variant!

11-18/22:51 Hagbard: No sorry, I don't want to mess with the classic Saami game. I suspected that the capture rule might've been forgotten in the sources, but now it's clear that it's not so

11-18/22:08 brave-frog: No the game might be playable. Can we test regular moves diagonal only, but jumps in any directions?

11-18/21:51 Hagbard: !!!!!
Well discovered!!
So this is a reason why mandatory capture is not mentioned in historical sources about Dablo!
This was a test of mandatory capture with Dablo and other rules should not be changed. Now the test has on the contrary proved that Dablo cannot have mandatory capture, thank you!
This forum note explains how the idea for this test came about:

11-18/19:41 brave-frog: Can we fix it and restrict forward movements? The user can capture like usual but can go only in diagonal directions

11-18/19:39 brave-frog: Hello everyone! The game Daabloe isn't balanced. Black always win. Look at this sequence

11-16/18:28 Hagbard: This very idea was actually tested July-Aug. 2016, Brandubh throneless cross 7x7, game balance -2.50 from 15 games.

11-15/12:20 Masterluke: @Hagbard and @Dragonov: you guys are right about that. Now I can’t help but wondering ‘what if there was indeed no throne at all’ so every piece can enter the central square and there would be no protective function? Of course, the starting position and hostile corners should remain. Could be another interesting variant?

11-15/09:24 Hagbard: True. I forgot that one. So the throne has a function.

11-15/09:14 Draganov: @MasterLuke, the throne in Walker's Brandubh has a protective function to the ordinary pieces. The thorne is friendly and can be used to make an ordinary piece almost immortal.

11-15/09:14 Hagbard: True. In the Walker version the throne has only one property left: that the square can only be used by the king.
So your suggestion is a small change which probably wouldn't change the balance etc. And since the friendly throne does not do very much, it would be a simplification to not have a friendly throne together with hostile corners.
However I hesitate to change the game, since Walker describes it this way.
Maybe I could do a fork one of these days - add a version2 with this small change.

11-14/20:54 MasterLuke: @Hagbard: may I suggest something? Since in Brandubh 7x7 Walker the 'throne' is friendly and the king is captured by 2 even when on it, one can state there is no throne at all. Just like simple tafl, sea battle and Tyr. Therefore wouldn't it be a good idea to NOT mark the central tile in darker green, but make it the same lighter green as the surrounding tiles. It will be a visual help for players not to forget the special rules.

11-12/07:57 Hagbard: It's the same as in the other variants. The only exception is Fetlar where the repetitions are allowed and become = draw.

11-11/17:14 sqAree: How is repetition of position/moves handled in Simple Tafl? And what happens if one player doesn't have any legal moves (no information in the rules here)?

11-07/19:15 Draganov: Ok, I will play in the Sea battle final. Btw, I just want to finish my games in the right way and then I will retire from active play. I will probably continue to be active as a commentator in the forum and probably play from time to time single games but not participate in tournaments.

11-07/19:04 Hagbard: That's correct. Casshern and you will start the Sea Tafl Holmgang with losses 0.5 and 1.5. One match (2 games). Sea battle-204577-w 11x11.

11-07/18:38 Draganov: Ok, this is little bit clearer. We need to know the details of the format in advance. Otherwise, it is ver confusing. I suppose if I am going to play a final round against Casshern in the Sea Battle, it will be the same as in the Historical final. We both are going to keep the losing points and play a match or two between each other. I would like to play against him in the final of the Sea battle just because I want to be eliminated as a warrior and not just leave the tournament. Could ou clarify the details, the variants and the amount of games?

11-07/18:01 Hagbard: Dimetr and Casshern will start a Hist.Hnef. Holmgang with the losses 1 and 1.5. One match (2 games). Tawlbwrdd.

Copenhagen Round 3:
The players will bring their losses and play as a ring. Everyone meets two opponents (4 games).
Fx. a group of players A, B, C and D would play the matches
A-B, B-C, C-D, D-A

11-07/17:35 Draganov: Yes, I understand it now but why we started the 2nd round with cleared lost points? And what is going to happen now in the forthcoming finals? Are the players going to step into the final with cleared points or the already lost points will be preserved? What will be the amount of games that will be played between the two finalists? What will be the variant/variants? Sorry, Hagbard, you are doing great job as the man who keeps the tafl alive and provide us with this great website and platform where we can play tafl, but this tournament is terrible and absolute mess. All of this uncertainty is too much for me. I am not going to play a final round in the Sea Battle tournament against Casshern. He can be declared as the winner. He is definately the strongest player and he proved it with his play. So, congratulations to Casshern for winning the Sea battle tournament and good luck to him and Dimetr in the Historical final. 
I am going to retire after the end of the Copenhagen tournament. I hope that my legacy as a world champion is good, I won many tournaments this year, revived some old and forgotten variants, helped some new players to improve their tafl skills and tried to contribute to the community with my comments in the forum. 
I want to apologize to everyone who felt offended from my comments. Everyone who wants to keep communicating with me can drop me a message on FB or gmail. 
My gmail is: p.draganov87 at gmail.com
My FB is: https://www.facebook.com/plamen.draganov.182

11-07/17:12 Hagbard: The result of Hist.Hnef. Round 1 & 2 are the losses:
Dimetr 0.5 + 0.5 = 1
Casshern 0.5 + 1 = 1.5
Draganov 1 + 1 = 2
Frenir 1 + 1.5 = 2.5
Alex hnefatafl 1.5 + 1 = 2.5
Rollo 1.5 + 1.5 = 3
Potapych 1.5 + 1.5 = 3
Sauron 0.5 + 3 = 3.5

The result of Sea Tafl Round 1 & 2 are the losses:
Casshern 0 + 0.5 = 0.5
Draganov 1 + 0.5 = 1.5
Potapych 1 + 1.5 = 2.5
Alex hnefatafl 1 + 1.5 = 2.5
Frenir 1.5 + 2 = 3.5
Sauron 1 + 3 = 4

11-07/15:20 Draganov: @Hagbard, I saw that in the Sea Battle tournament only I and Casshern are moved to the 3rd round and Potapych and Alex are eliminated without losing 4 games in the 2nd round. The same situation happened in the Historical tornament where after the 2nd round 7 players had less than 2 lost points in the 2nd round but the final will be between Dimetr and Casshern. In the beginning of the 2nd round of the Historical and Sea tournament, it seemed that all survived players started with cleared lost points. It was misleading and made a wrong impression that the players just need to survive another round without losing 4 games. I think it would have been better if we just had a round-robin round with the survived players and put an end of this messy tournament.

11-05/07:30 Hagbard: Many educational tafl videos from Steiger here:
Good work!!!

11-04/20:02 Jrton80: @hagbard Great thanks!

11-04/19:25 Hagbard: @Jrton80: about the Dablo, it was a bug and is corrected. All captures in the Dablo are voluntary, also after the first capture -

11-04/19:03 mihkkal: Lots of people participated in today's crash-course and cup in South Sámi Dablo in Umeå, Sweden/Sápmi


11-04/18:39 Jrton80: @hagbard mihkkal and I had a Saami Daabloe going before our test match. The non-X variant is not doing the mandatory capture unless you have already made a capture which, I think, is rather nice - I know I have missed additional captures before, but it really should be all or nothing.

11-04/08:35 Steiger: @OdinHimself, Лучо! Салют, братан! Будь здоров!

11-04/06:40 OdinHimself: @Steiger: Hail brother! 😃 I raise Bragafull in your honor and drink!

11-03/20:52 Steiger: Some considerations regarding the classification of openings in the Copenhagen Hnefatafl

11-02/21:49 Hagbard: The Lágesvuotna is too difficult to implement.
Ad Elta Stelpur seems to be a simpler version of backgammon:

11-02/21:00 Hagbard: Two Dablo versions
Dablo: without mandatory capture
Dablo-x: test with mandatory capture

11-02/18:37 mihkkal: Something very odd just happened in a game of South Sámi Dablo. After I jumped a piece a red text popped up and said MANDATORY CAPTURE so I had to take the next one. Is something being tested out?

The only Dablo game to have had mandatory capture is a Pite Sámi variant but it's very different fro  the South Sámi one.

11-02/15:34 Draganov: Also what about implementing the Icelandic board game Ad Elta Stelpur which looks like very similar to the grid of Daldos. Here are some photos:

11-02/15:29 Draganov: @Hagbard, would it be too difficult to implement the Lágesvuotna variant of Sahkku in the future? It seems the most popular Sahkku variant amongst the Saami people and it also seems to be the most complex one.

11-02/09:39 mihkkal: (cont) it's a necessary change for most Sáhkku games if you want to tilt the chance-strategy balance toward strategy. The Sáhkku game most used in live cup play, the Lágesvuotna variant, doesn't use it though. That's because in the Lágesvuotna variant you can't capture unactivated pieces. Still a huge disadvantage to get stuck with few X'es in the beginning but only a tactical disadvantage, you don't get that situation where your opponent decimates your pieces without you being able to do anything...

11-02/09:35 mihkkal: @Draganov @Hagbard The three pieces-rule in Sáhkku is also entirely novel. It's from the post-2015 revival of the game in Sápmi/Norway.

11-02/08:04 OdinHimself: @Floki: No, I didn't say that. Just the opposite - I am happy he's getting more "heavier". As a metal fan (myself) I respect people of same kind. That's why I am curious to see how far he will go. I am heavier than he is for now, though he's more into atmospheric kind of black metal and I like more raw and thrashy BM and also death, doom, heavy, power, viking etc. I would love to see how Plantagenet develops on the metal planet. 😁

11-01/17:50 floki: @Hagbard Actually, the question was addressed to Odinhimself…..

11-01/17:31 Hagbard: No he is there

11-01/17:04 floki: @Hagbard: Is Plantagenet also a bug ?

11-01/16:49 Hagbard: Schachus and Nath invites is a bug, they are not there

11-01/15:15 Draganov: @Hagbard, why I can invite Schachus and Nath if they are not active? Is this a bug? However, I can't invite Crust. It will be great if it is possible to have a grand-tournament between champions only. Imagine a tournament between me, Casshern, Schachus, Nath, Plantagenet, Crust, Herjan and Adam or at least a tournament between some of these players. It will be really amazing. Unfortunatelly, this will probably never happen but I am just dreaming... I would like to play a match of best of 10 games against every one who was a world champion. I know that Casshern is active, Plantagenet is semi-active, Adam is here as an umpire, Herjan comes from time to time... we can create memorable match games between each other and analyze them for the benefit of the tafl game and the new players.

11-01/06:56 OdinHimself: Plantagenet is getting more and more into obscure and infernal genres of metal, let's see how far he will go... 😁🤞

10-31/21:55 Plantagenet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiaKB6JNkrU

10-30/22:37 Hagbard: The concept of three pieces awaken is brought over from the Sahkku start.
I have not heard of historical Daldøs sources describing this detail, but then again sources often are not fully explaining all details.

10-30/22:09 Draganov: @Hagbard, I joined Thomas's invitation to play Daldos 3x12 and saw that we both started the game with three active pieces. Is this a new variant? I think this variant could be better than the old Daldos. However, is there any historical evidence that in Daldos both players start the game with already activated pieces or this is a modern invention?

10-30/13:44 Hagbard: Unfortunately not. They're mentioned on the list as World Champions even when they're not active

10-30/10:05 floki: @Hagbard Hi, Schachus, Nath and Crust appear in small characters in the ratings. Does it mean they are back ?

10-29/18:04 Hagbard: It could unfortunately be a bug

10-29/17:42 Sétanta: I played my first match of Berserk against @JamesicusMaximus and it is unclear to me exactly how I lost. The rules state that a king capture must be 4 sides, 3 sides + adjacent throne, or two flanking commanders. I seem to have lost from being pinned between one commander and the throne, but the rules explicitly state in 5b:
"When the king is not on or next to the throne, two viking commanders can sandwich and capture the king, and one commander can capture the king against one of the four restricted corner squares."
Can someone help explain this to me? I will also note the board state on replay is different from that of viewing the match directly.

10-28/15:09 Draganov: @Hagbard, thank you! Now, it is going to be a nice tournament.

10-27/21:55 Hagbard: @Draganov, fixed.
@Colophonius, yes seems there were three times.

10-27/21:05 Colophonius: *three times, we reached the position three times, that's what I wanted to say ^^°

10-27/21:04 Colophonius: @Hagbard: In my current Brandubh Walker game against brave-frog I think we reached the exact same position on the board, could you please check that? That would be very nice

10-27/18:50 Draganov: @Hagbard, in my game from Sea battle-204577-w 11x11 (2022-10-24, tourn. 409) against Potapych (Потапыч) it seems that he resigned on move 2 as a mistake because he probably clicked on resign button instead of sending his move. Can you start this game between me and him again?

10-24/08:22 Hagbard: When you do the same thing a third time in a row, or your pieces are positioned the same a third time.
The software detects it.
There is also a button for "Offer draw". When both players activated that button, it's a draw.

10-24/00:40 Sétanta: Hey all, I'm a new player here.
At what point is a player's movement flagged as perpetual repetition? Are there specific conditions that must be met for a player to be flagged or do I need to ask for a draw, contact admin, etc.?

10-23/19:06 Hagbard: Sounds like a local cache problem. Works here on computer and phone.

10-23/16:41 floki: @Hagbard Sorry to bother you again but it still doesn't seem to be working. I have tried on my laptop + phone in vain

10-23/12:20 Hagbard: fixed

10-22/12:38 floki: @Hagbard Hi, the Games archive search more than two years back is no longer working. Could it be fixed please ? Cheers

10-20/23:01 floki: @mihkkal thx for the information, hopefully there will be some video available on YouTube soon. Watching some race games would definitely help me understand the tactics and encourage me to practice these games that I must say still seem obscure.

10-20/21:00 Skye: The level of competence or skill might not be important, the enjoyabilatly of playing (together with someone else who likes the game of tafl) might be more valuable. Just some toughts.

10-20/20:39 Skye: It took me a while to start playing here, i've won some and lost some. Overall, every game, win or lose i win some. Lets enjoy the game together.

10-19/21:18 mihkkal: @floki There's a live Sáhkku cup in Oslo Wednesday next week, and a course+live South Sámi Dablo cup in Umeå November 4th

10-19/15:41 Draganov: Let's battle and finish all of the games in the tournament. Show brave play, win or lose, fight till the end. Then, I hope more players will express their thoughts on the format, the games and the tafl as a whole.

10-19/11:39 floki: Is there any similar Board Games Day planned soon in Europe ?

10-18/23:24 Hagbard: New in gallery: Board Games Day in Zealand.

10-18/20:23 Dimetr: My friend's! 
I like this tournament!
(it's my first World championship)
We are too small company to quarrel.
You know, It's hard to find new players.
Sometimes we playing offline, and I can show for the new players some openings from this Champ, to get them interested
 And strong games from this site  helps Tafl to survive.
Thanks Hagbard for this website, and good luck!

10-18/15:08 cacreal: This is supposed to be a Viking game , not a message board support group for former champions that don’t move in their games but have time to complain. 

Round 1 many quality opponents didn’t survive - Odin, holidayinnes, sqaree, Cromwell. jilles. Plantagenet and bogd khan aren’t competing. 

I have lost against most opponents that play here but also beaten them all if we have played a set of games.

All the opponents remaining are good - floki, dimetr, Pavel are excellent players and the new ones show promise from their games. 

For a tournament I agree that all players should play the same amount of games but that also includes Draganov and casshern.

After this round what they consider a top player is to have played 7 pairs of games I am happy to play a seventh opponent if they also will play a 6th and 7th opponent.

Maybe Plantagenet and bogh khan  can be encouraged to compete against Casshern and Dragonov since they feel all opponents are beneath them ? 

I would also accept to play all remaining players personally that I haven’t played yet if Dragonov complaining with stop.

10-18/10:34 Draganov: @Casshern, I understand and it makes sense regarding the balance. However, I think the format is uclear. Noone knew his next opponent or even how many opponents will have in the next round. Moreover, it is not clear if in the third round we are going to have a round-robin round with the survived players and the lost points to be cleared or we are going to have a duel and in case we have a duel between two players will the lost points be cleared or not? In the first round, I thought I am going to face 2 opponents because I was on the top of the list in the same way you faced 2 opponents last year in the first round. However, in the last year tournament, you faced again 2 opponents in the second round. I also expected to have 2 opponents this year in the round 2. I am not complaining against facing top players but I am arguing that the format is too much complicated and unclear. I do believe that elimination format is better, more attractive and interesting than round-robin groups but the system with double-elimination is really messy and difficult to understand. It is unpredictable for the players and noone knows what is going to happen in the next round. I don't know why it is so difficult to implement a simple single-elimination format even in a test tournament. In the last year I was writing about it and asking to test it but without success. Is there any difficulties of implementing simple round-robin groups in the 1st round and then having 1/2 finals and a wonderful final between the two best players? I hope in 2023 we are going to test such a format. I am really pity that most of the players are silent during the year and noone wanted to discuss the format. Guys, am I the only one who has ideas regarding the tafl game as a whole?

10-18/10:31 Павел Дусенко: If the World Championship is a Championship, then it must have the same rules for all players. Time spent on this site should not be taken into account. Who is the best player on the site - this should not be reflected in the Championship. I lost one match due to the fact that I did not understand the meaning of the time buffer. But I played 8 matches, not 4. It's much easier to answer in 4 matches than in 8. And I didn't understand - everyone's time buffer is also different?

10-18/10:17 casshern: Another thing it says in the rules is “ A match is not repeated, as far as possible.” But, I have another set of matches against Alex Hnefatafl in both HH and SB. I don’t understand why. Clearly, Draganov, Alex, and myself are the 3 best players in all variants. The first round saw matches between Casshern/Draganov and Casshern/Alex in all variants. It would make sense to me to have Draganov/Alex play in the second round. Then we would all have played each other once.

Like I explained in the Copenhagen tournament, all the top players will have played each other once after round 2. Makes sense. But, I don’t understand why Alex and myself are playing each other again in both HH and SB tournaments. It just doesn’t make sense to me. When there are other opponents we could be playing against.

10-18/10:05 casshern: The real issue here is that this structure/format is terrible. It is possible that all the players at the top of the bracket knock each other out in the second round. Probably not likely to happen, but it is a possibility. Then we will have a champion who didn’t have to play against any of the top players.

@Draganov: You said it yourself, had you played 1 or 2 more matches in round one of the Saami Sahkku tournament you might have been knocked out. As it was, you made it through with a 1-3 game record. Orlo also only played 2 matches and went 4-0. While Xerxes was in the middle of the bracket and had to play 4 matches. In which he went 8-0. After round 2, Xerxes had an overall game record of 12-4. While Draganov and Orlo had records of 7-5.

Hagbard has always been open to suggestions from players on how to improve the tournament format. Each year I have played the rules have been a little different. But I really feel we have taken a step back with the format we have used the last 2 years. Personally, I enjoy playing the best possible opponents. And if I lose that’s ok by me. But I don’t know how other players feel about this format.

I think having each player play the same number of matches each round is ideal. And the opponents should be spread out more. Instead of having the top players destroy each other. But what I am describing is more of a Round Robin like previous years.

10-18/09:41 casshern: @Draganov: I think this is a point you should have brought up in the first round when you only had 2 opponents. This is the format. The players at the very top and bottom play less matches. And the players in the middle play more.

It makes sense to balance our games. Since together we have won around 90% of the tournaments on this site over the last 5 years. Plus, by the end of round 2 , I will have had the toughest strength of opponents of anyone. If I am still alive.

To be honest, I was curious why I only had one match also. Then I saw that you had 3 matches. Giving us both 5 matches in total. We will have played each other plus 3 similar opponents and 1 different opponent. No offense to the players lower in the bracket, but they don’t have to go through the gauntlet that the players at the top have to go through. For example, even though Alex and Cacreal will play more games, they didn’t have to play against Odinhimself.

Based on rankings, the strongest remaining players are Casshern, Draganov, Alex Hnefatafl, and Cacreal. I think someone from this group is likely to win the tournament. The first round had matches between Casshern/Draganov, Casshern/Alex, and Cacreal/Alex. Which coincidentally all ended in splits. The second will have matches between Casshern/Cacreal, Draganov/Cacreal, and Draganov/Alex. Meaning all the players at the top will have played each other once. Makes sense to me.

10-17/22:29 Draganov: However, Alex faced 4 opponents in round 1 and now he has 3 opponents in round 2. Cacreal faced 4 opponents in the first round and 2 opponents in the second round. How can we balance their games? It seems that you tried to balance the tournament between me and Casshern but the tournament is not for the two of us only. What about the players in the second half of the table who faced 4 opponents in the first round and now they are playing again versus 4 opponents... The format of the championship this year looks very unclear and messy.

10-17/19:46 Hagbard: To balance the opposition.
Casshern met 5 opponents (Round1 4 + Round2 1).
You met 5 opponents (Round1 2 + Round2 3).

10-17/14:40 Draganov: @Hagbard, in the rules for the 2nd round it is written that:
'It is now all the way aimed at each top-half player in each round having two opponents, one stronger and one weaker as close in strength as possible, and that other players meet again four opponents.'
I can't understand why I am facing three very strong opponents (Cacreal, Alex and Garun19)... am I not a top-half player?
Why Cacreal and Garun19 are facing two opponents each and Casshern has only one? I really can't understand how the pairings are made. Could you explain it in more details, please!

10-17/12:01 Hagbard: Both games timed out.

10-17/11:52 chuck ward: Can someone look at my last 2 games and explain to me how I lost? Did something change in the rules I cant see? I have not been on this site in awhile so maybe, but I don't see it.

10-17/06:54 Hagbard: fixed

10-16/23:24 floki: @Hagbard, could you please check my current games ? It seems like there is a bug; I am playing three time against the same player. When I click on the third game that makes me play against Luizz without being able to play any moves. Moreover, we are both ranked 1500. Then when I click “check my games” it goes back to the top menu.

10-16/19:46 Hagbard: May Thor grant you strength and courage on your way

10-16/13:24 holidayinnes: I agree with the computer for Round 2 players advancing. Best of luck to all and let the battles begin tonight!!!!

10-14/18:42 Draganov: @Hagbard, I opened 10 Daldos 12x12 games and you can join them and play when you have time. It will not disturb me for my Round 2 since I think Daldos is a very relax game.

10-14/18:36 Hagbard: The issue of tournament winner is for the umpire.
- Yes I could join a ten games of Daldos, size 12 would be quickest. Though I don't have the time until perhaps tomorrow evening. Or perhaps even better at a later time, so as not to disturb your Round 2's.

10-14/18:23 Draganov: @Hagbard, would you or someone else like to play a match of 10 games of Daldos (no matter which variant) against me? Let's test if this Race match could work.

10-14/17:38 Hagbard: That is interesting. The dice games are different from pure strategic games, and it would be interesting to have a test tournament with some changes to the format especially for these games.

10-14/17:11 Draganov: We can use Daldos 16 for the test-tournament.

10-14/17:09 Draganov: They used Single-Elimination format and the paired players played several games against each other in every round. Matches in the first round were the best of 9 (i.e., the first player to win 5 games), later rounds the best of 15, 19 and 25 in the final.
We can play a test tournament with 10 games (all games starting at once) in each round because we need to have equal number of games for both colors per player. In case of a tie (5:5) we can apply the rule for the pieces left in the player's victories. The player who has more pieces left in all of his 5 wins is the winner in the round and goes to the next round. 
Let me know, what do you think about such a tournament?

10-14/17:03 Draganov: Here you can see the format of the Senet Championship from 2012.

10-14/17:02 Draganov: @Hagbard, could you clarify that I am the winner of the Race tournament?
I also have some ideas of improvements of the Race tournament. I liked the idea of using both Daldos and Sahkku, however, I think Daldos 12 was not suitable since it is the the variant with the biggest factor of chance. In my opinion, Daldos 16 would have been more suitable for the 1st round. 
In Race games, playing 2 games more than the other opponents is a huge disadvantage. If I had to play against one or two opponents more in the 1st round, I would have been eliminated. However, I as a leader and Orlo as the weakest player had 2 opponents less in the 1st round. Recently I found some information about the World Championship of Senet. The game of Senet is an ancient Egyptian race game and have a lot of similiarities with Daldos and Sahkku. I think we could try a test tournament using the same tournament format that was used in the Senet championship.

10-13/13:07 Hagbard: ATTENTION please! Copenhagen, Hist. and Sea Tafl Round 2 start Oct. 16th 18 o'clock Danish time.

Umpire Mike, do you agree with the computer's list of Copenhagen players who move on?
(floki, Dimetr, Draganov, Luizz, huzsiati, Alex Hnefatafl, Ramzi, Pavel Dusenko, cacreal, garun19, casshern, william the 3rd, Orlo)

Umpire Hamish, do you agree with the computer's list of Hist. players who move on?
(Potapych, Rollo, Dimetr, Draganov, Sauron, Alex Hnefatafl, casshern, frenir)

Umpire Adam, do you agree with the computer's list of Sea Tafl players who move on?
(Potapych, Draganov, Sauron, Alex Hnefatafl, casshern, frenir)

10-13/09:58 xerxes: @Hagbard, Cacreal: And you have to allow for time differences too.

10-12/16:49 Hagbard: It's kind of a natural limitation that one can react and move in all cases only within 12-13 hours.
At night you have 8 hours of sleep and a couple of hours before and after, that's 12-13 hours.
At day you have 8 hours of work and a couple of hours before and after, that's again 12-13 hours.

10-12/13:06 cacreal: The current format makes it a world record for tournament length, which in itself is noteworthy. If each player has a master timeout clock of 7 days and 1 hour per move afterwords all the round one games would be over before Sept 30th. 
The game itself is a beautiful one and maybe a live event in person event could be offered 2023?

10-12/08:17 Hagbard: Do you have a value in mind?

10-12/00:34 cacreal: Can we add a total time to make our moves to the tournament games? Asking for a friend...

10-09/09:27 Hagbard: Finished tournaments:
Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Garun19, #3 Alex hnefatafl
Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross 11x11: #1 Draganov and Alex hnefatafl, #3 Potapych
Simple Tafl T cross-w 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, Dimetr and Alex hnefatafl
Tyr 15x15: #1 Draganov, #2 Jrton80, #3 Masterluke
Saami Sáhkku 3x15: #1 Jilles and Holidayinnes, #3 Draganov and Rosk
Saami Daabloe 11x9: #1 Rosk, #2 Mihkkal, #3 Draganov
Simple Tafl-w 9x9: #1 Jilles and Chaolaibhne, #3 Draganov
Daldos 3x16: #1 Jilles, #2 Rosk, #3 Holidayinnes
Historical Hnefatafl 15x15 (Nielsen): #1 Draganov and Potapych, #3 Holidayinnes
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Draganov, #3 Jrton80
Daldos 3x14: #1 Draganov and Holidayinnes, #3 Xerxes
Simple Tafl 5x5: #1 Jilles and Alex hnefatafl, #3 Draganov
Simple Tafl 11x11: #1 Alex hnefatafl, #2 Potapych, #3 Rollo
Daldos 3x12: #1 Rosk, #2 Xerxes and Themightyglider
Historical Hnefatafl 9x9 (Saami Tablut-w): #1 Dimetr, #2 Jarcin, #3 Alex hnefatafl
Saami Sáhkku 3x15: #1 Jilles, #2 Dimetr and Rosk
Ard Ri-39 throneless 7x7: #1 Rollo and Alex hnefatafl, #3 Masterluke
Saami Cuhkka 5x5: #1 Jrton80, #2 Rosk, #3 Mihkkal
Daldos 3x16: #1 Xerxes, #2 Rosk, #3 Holidayinnes
Brandubh 7x7 (Walker): #1 Colophonius, #2 Masterluke, #3 Sauron
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, #3 Jrton80
Sea battle square 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Kihtan and Skye
Daldos 3x14: #1 Draganov, #2 Xerxes, #3 Jilles
Simple Tafl-w 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Jrton80, Kihtan and Skye

10-08/11:39 Hagbard: Three players for Hist. and Sea Round 2 still have unfinished games in the Copenhagen Round 1.
The intention is to wait with Round 2 until these games are finished, so as not to disturb the games.

10-07/21:20 Dimetr: Hagbard, hello!
It seems that Historical Tafl was finished, a coople of days ago.
When it will be Round 2 ?

10-07/21:19 Dimetr: Hagbard, hello!
It seems that Historical Tafl was finished, a coople of days ago.
When it will be Round 2 ?

09-29/11:59 Draganov: @Hagbard, I played several games on the mobile app where I can make my own variant. I tested the Copenhagen rules with different setups and found out that even the setup for Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross 11x11 could be playable or at least worthy to be tested with the Copenhagen rules. 
I also tested a Copenhagen 11x11-w and Copenhagen Bell-w and think if the whites move first in these two variants it could be more playable and well-ballanced. Can you create a Copenhagen 11x11-w and Copenhagen Bell-w in the game options in order to test these variants with some of the players who are interested and not so busy with the world championship. 
PS: I am not proposing these variants for the current world championship but just want to test them.

09-27/10:12 mihkkal: @hagbard Ok, computer!

09-26/16:42 Hagbard: ATTENTION please! Race games Round 2 starts Sep. 29th 18 o'clock Danish time.
Umpire Mikkel, do you agree with the computer's list of players who move on?
(xerxes, holidayinnes, Draganov, Mihkkal, Orlo)

09-26/02:49 Павел Дусенко: Sorry. I don’t understand how, but now, when I reread the rules of the tournament, I saw an explanation about the time. I re-read the last two times and didn't see it. I don't understand how this could happen to me.

09-25/13:08 Павел Дусенко: Hello. I can't understand why I was credited with losing the match against Jrton80. The rules say that 2 times for all games. Several times yesterday in some games there were warnings that they were ending, and I sent the moves. I think that I had good chances to win the game. Why do all the other games continue and I didn't lose to the bottom? Indeed, in some I made even fewer moves. Which makes me very sad. Probably the rest of the party I will salt from chagrin. Thank you.

09-21/10:55 Hagbard: Once every few years a female might have visited here.
The highest rated I know of was
1393 frisky

'Að Elta Stelpur': interesting

09-21/10:09 Toscano: You're right Mr. Draganov, it would be better if each of us would post here something about himself. My name is Moreno Testi, male. "Toscano" is a nickname, i'm from Italy, Tuscany Region, Province of Pisa (do you remember the leaning tower? :-) ). Since few days started play Hnefatafl, because my interest in Vikings and in the North Europe culture, history, etc. This after i listened an Italian radio broadcasting about Viking ships museums, Roskilde, Oseberg, Oslo, etc.

09-20/23:32 Draganov: Well, about the female players, I think the strongest that has ever played here is Camelot (rating about 1600 in her peak). I know Camelot is a female player from our chat during the games we played against each other. I saw some other female nicknames in the game archive but I think these few female players were far behind Camelot regarding the strength of play.

09-20/21:29 mihkkal: @Draganov As for the gender of players that's impossible to know online. But you could check the forum section where players introduce themselves. In the live Sámi board games sessions I've been to in the Nordic states, gender distribution appears pretty even to me, although possibly somewhat skewed towards more women than men.

09-20/21:25 mihkkal: @draganov Philip Winkelman wrote about Ad elta stelpur. I believe the title of that article was "An Icelandic chimera." Yes there's the many variants of Sáhkku, and there's Daldøs and Ad elta stelpur. In addition there are findings and one text indicating play of a running fight game in Novgorod and England. Also there are speculations about the nature of Scripta but they are just that. 
And then of course there are many interesting and old running fight game traditions in Northern Africa, and Asia from west to east.

09-20/20:42 xerxes: @Draganov.  I can't remember any female players on this site (apologies to any that I have forgotten), though of course the handles we use (eg xerxes, Draganov) may not be accurate, and any names given may not be a person's true name.  I think that there was a female player in Shetland who won some of the Fetlar Tournaments up there a few years back.

09-20/16:13 Draganov: I also would like to ask you if you know about the Icelandic game called 'Að Elta Stelpur'? It seems that in Europe there are only 3 race games that are with European origin - Að Elta Stelpur, Sahkku and Daldos. Would it be difficult to implement this game in the future and complete the set of the European and Nordic race games?

09-20/16:11 Draganov: @Hagbard, as a historian I wonder who is the highest rated female tafl player that played here? Are there any female players who has played over the years on the website?

09-14/22:20 Hagbard: May Loki give you laughter as you go

09-14/01:25 Orlo: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

09-14/01:25 Orlo: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

09-14/01:24 Orlo: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

09-14/01:22 Orlo: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-13/21:20 Hagbard: NB Deadline for registering is September 14th 12:00 Danish time

09-13/09:27 Steiger: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

09-13/09:26 Steiger: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-13/03:34 Frenir: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

09-13/03:33 Frenir: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

09-13/03:26 Frenir: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

09-13/00:00 Toscano: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-12/23:58 Toscano: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-12/21:49 Dimetr: Casshern! it's great that you come back! We missed your games

09-12/10:36 Draganov: @All, if you see some open invitation from new users and have time to play, please help them to complete 1-2 games because they might be willing to join the world championship and need to complete at least one game in order to participate in the tournament.

09-12/09:47 Draganov: @Casshern, welcome back, champ! I am ready for the rematch. It is great to see you playing again!

09-12/09:05 Hagbard: @Casshern, thank you! it's recorded.

09-12/06:48 Casshern: @Hagbard: I am trying to sign up for the world championship: Copenhagen, Historical, and Sea Battle. But it keeps saying and either my username doesn’t exist or I have the wrong password. Can you register me for these 3 games?

09-12/05:42 william the 3rd: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-10/09:08 Hagbard: 5 days till start of World Tourn. 2022.
27 players registered.
Missing players are fx.:
Colophonius, Themightyglider, Fenric7, L716, casshern, paul7, Waegn, Bogd Khan, jarcin, Steiger, Rossomaha, KayKyber, Brench, jules, Hujtak, EilidhAnIorua, Boucher228, Hnefihunter, beyn, Irish Raven, silversplitter, docbullen, herjan, kAAgEE, Agmundr

09-09/18:57 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxXuykAJ3nk

09-09/02:18 garun19: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-08/17:31 Hagbard: True. Looks like a no-show ...

09-08/17:16 Draganov: @Hagbard, I saw that Gustav registered for the Copenhagen tournament. However, he completed just two games in both of which he timed-out. I think he need to complete at least one game until the end in order to prove he is going to be active player in the tournament.

09-07/15:39 mihkkal: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

09-07/15:37 mihkkal: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

09-05/23:06 cacreal: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-04/09:03 Hagbard: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

09-03/13:03 Hagbard: 12 days till start of World Tourn. 2022.
24 players registered so far.
Missing players are fx.:
Colophonius, Cacreal, Themightyglider, Fenric7, L716, casshern, paul7, Waegn, garun19, Bogd Khan

09-02/07:35 Hagbard: The total max. ratings are listed in the Wall of Fame.
The max. rating for one variant is not listed. It is found by a program tailored for it.

09-02/00:17 Ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-02/00:17 Ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-01/19:30 Павел Дусенко: Thanks a lot! And all the best to you!

09-01/17:37 OdinHimself: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

09-01/15:25 Draganov: @Hagbard, I have a question reagrding the spreading of the participants in the world championship. You mentioned this statement:
'All players are ordered by their separate max. rating for the variant used.'
How can I check what is a player's separate max rating for a certain variant? If I open the link 'Separate Rating list' on the play tafl against humans page, I can see only the current separate rating but not the max ratings ever achieved.

09-01/09:39 Draganov: I think you have already regestered and your registration was successful. So, have a nice time in the upcoming tournament!

09-01/07:20 Павел Дусенко: Hello, I would like to participate in the Copenhagen Hnefataflu World Tournament. I have been familiar with this game for two years now and would like to try my hand at the tournament.

08-31/23:56 Draganov: Hello, Pavel Dusenko (Павел Дусенко) and welcome to the Tafl game! Could you introduce yourself with a few words?

08-31/22:59 Павел Дусенко: Hello!

08-31/11:55 Kihtan: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-31/10:20 Павел Дусенко: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-30/09:38 Ramzi Khadhraoui: Merci mon ami Draganov !!!
Je joue du hnefatafl et du tablut et leurs autres dérivés depuis seulement 1 mois.
J'espère progresser plus vite à Hnefatafl Copenhagen ,surtout avant le commencement du tournoi !
Au plaisir de jouer avec vous et merci encore !

08-30/07:50 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIN94USHvAc

08-29/17:52 Draganov: Welcome to Ramzi khadhraoui! As I can see, he is a FIDE chess player. It it nice to see experienced chess players on the tafl field. I watched his tafl games and see how well he improved and step by step is coming closer to understand the principles of the game. I think this next tournament will be very exciting.

08-29/10:36 Hagbard: New in gallery: Ringsted Medieval Festival.

08-28/14:49 Ramzi Khadhraoui: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-28/13:55 Павел Дусенко: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-28/00:15 Jrton80: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-28/00:15 Jrton80: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-28/00:15 Jrton80: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-27/21:11 Ramzi Khadhraoui: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-27/21:04 Ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-26/15:35 jilles: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-26/15:35 jilles: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-26/15:35 jilles: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-26/13:55 Павел Дусенко: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-26/12:22 Павел Дусенко: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-26/12:18 Pavel: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-26/12:17 Pavel: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-26/12:14 Pavel: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-25/01:40 ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/23:09 Gustav: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/22:39 ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/22:39 ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/22:25 ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/22:24 ramzi: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/18:11 Colophonius: @Hagbard: Is there a way to ckeck, how many Brandubh1 and Brandubh2 games ended with the king captured by four attackers sitting on his throne? I know that I once captured my opponent that way, but only once and I wonder how often this king-captured-by-four rule actually has been practiced yet. It seems to give white an advantage, because it makes it harder for black to push the king from the throne. I'm wondering, if this combination of Brandubh2 and Walker could be the best balanced version: Taking a little bit of the defenders' privileges by capturing the king anywhere on the board by two attackers, but also giving them the possibility to capture attackers against an empty throne hostile to all, but friendly to white if the king sits on it.

08-24/16:30 huzsiati: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/16:25 huzsiati: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/16:20 huzsiati: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/16:20 huzsiati: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-24/15:21 Draganov: @Hagbard, there seems to be a bug in myy berserk game against Jrton80. He could not move but the game was not over. He resigned but could you check the program code and fix it so as the game to be finished atomatically in such situations?

08-24/12:48 Colophonius: @Hagbard: Thanks a lot!

08-24/07:37 Hagbard: Brandubh2 is added

08-24/07:25 Skye: @Draganov. Thanks for the tip, i tried 2 games with someone kind enough to play 2 games not 10 or 20), but will stick to slow for now.

08-23/12:48 Colophonius: @Hagbard: Draganov and I just finished a ten games Brandubh-match, where Black won 9 times out of 10 (and I can confirm this guy plays like a madman - considering the amount of experience he had with Brandubh, I tip my hat to him). That's why we began to ask ourselves, whether Walker's rules could favor Black too strongly, given, that the player is experienced enough. Therefor I wanted to suggest to re-introduce Brandubh 2 next to Walker's variant to give more experienced players the opportunity to test it's balance further out. And maybe a slight modification of the Brandubh 2-rules in Walker's direction, not too much of course, could also be helpful, for example capturing the king on his throne with just two attackers instead of 4. What do you think?

08-23/12:45 Rollo: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-23/12:45 Rollo: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-23/12:45 Rollo: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-23/12:36 Rollo: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-23/10:17 Draganov: @Skye, thank you for your comment! I think when a player gains more tafl experience, he/she will be able to handle many simultaneous games. When I started playing tafl, I felt the same way like you, spending a lot of time trying to figure out my next move. However, the more I played, the easier and faster I played. I am sure, that there are at least 10 players here who can handle 100 simultaneous games. If we play in the same way we play chess, we can find out that playing tafl is not more difficult than playing chess. When I played chess in my local club, I usually played 2-3 games per day. It took me 2-3 hours to complete the games and in these games I made about 100-150 moves. So, playing 100 tafl moves per day, it wouldn't be a problem, if we play with the same speed as we play chess. When playing chess in the local club, I spent about 10-20 seconds of thinking out my next move. Just as a test for you guys, try to play some tafl games with 10-20 seconds of thinking your next move. In the beginning you are most likely going to lose the games but after 10-20 games, you will start playing almost as strong as you were playing before when you spent a lot of time of thinking.

08-22/23:27 Luizz: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-22/23:26 Luizz: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-22/23:07 Skye: Playing 1 game at a time feels like an olympic effort, let alone more than a 100. Well done

08-22/18:27 Hagbard: Congratulations, that is good work!

08-22/15:45 Sauron: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-22/15:44 Sauron: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-22/14:03 Draganov: Today, I finished all of my games from 100+ games marathon. I managed to complete all of the games without timing out. In one moment I was involved in more than 130 simultaneous games. However, some of the games were not a part of matches between me and another player but were just friendly games or part of the tournaments. I gave the chance to most of my opponent to choose the variants that they prefer to play and as a result the 124 match games were played in many different variants. The total result of my games is 101 wins and 23 loses. Here are some details on the matches that I played during this marathon. I want to thank all of my oponents for the great battles and I would like to say that without your readiness to play, this game activity record would not be possible to happend.
Draganov vs Alex Hnefatafl 8:2
vs Jilles 5:5
vs Dimetr 9:1
vs Jrton80 8:2
vs Potapich (Потапыч) 6:4
vs Rook 4:2
vs Colophonius 4:6 (only Brandubh games)
vs MasterLuke 9:1
vs Fraech 10:0
vs Themightyglider 10:0
vs Rosk 10:0
vs Kaykyber 10:0
vs Floki 6:0
vs Hagbard 2:0

08-22/09:55 Draganov: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-22/09:55 Draganov: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-22/09:54 Draganov: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-22/09:54 Draganov: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-21/06:20 holidayinnes: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-21/06:19 holidayinnes: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-21/06:19 holidayinnes: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-21/06:19 holidayinnes: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-20/12:24 xerxes: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-20/07:50 Hagbard: Just below is a link to "... more ..." and messages six months back.

08-20/02:51 Jrton80: You shorten this up? it has been a while since I looked.

08-20/02:50 Jrton80: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-20/02:49 Jrton80: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-20/02:49 Jrton80: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-20/02:49 Jrton80: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-19/23:52 Cromwell: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-19/11:34 Fraech: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-18/17:29 ChaolAibhne: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-18/11:57 Dimetr: Hagbard,  about Tablut - W, sorry I didn't read the rules carefully. It's great, that's what we need.

08-18/11:49 Dimetr: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-18/11:48 Dimetr: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-18/09:44 Rollo: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-18/09:33 Hagbard: It is the Tablut-w and the Tawlbwrdd-w

08-18/09:28 sqAree: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-17/14:05 Dimetr: I think, it will be more players in  standart Copenhagen in a both rounds.
Copenhagen Bell may confuse some good players.

As for historical variants - classical Tablut is not balanced - black is much better (we checked that many times - White wins only as a result of Black's mistake)
But at the Tablut - W (white move first) - balance is good.
Because White gets the speed, as they need.
Linnaeus did not write who makes the first move.

Maybe we will play Tablut -W in a first round of historical variants?

08-17/06:58 Потапыч: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-17/06:57 Потапыч: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-17/06:57 Потапыч: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-16/16:50 jarcin: Hello all!
I'm a relative newcomer here. Thanks @Hagbard for the great site and all the work you put into it. 

In regards to variants for the Championship I don't really have an opinion, since I don't think I'm ready for that big of an undertaking either way (yet).

In regards to what @draganov said about only playing one variant, I'm a slow learner, and I like the idea of getting to know one game well. And I still feel that I have a lot to learn about tablut (which are the only variants I play so far). I'm also a historical accuracy nerd so I prefer tablut for that reason. And I like the game length. I'm very impressed by the players who can play a lot of variants at once though!

However if there's ever an attempt to try tablut on bigger boards (i.e. standard 25 piece tablut starting position but in the middle of a 13x13 board for example, which I think there's some (circumstantial) historical evidence in support of) then I would be very happy to try that.

08-16/13:22 floki: I back up the idea of dismissing the Copenhagen Bell variant in the first round. It would be a good idea to implement a tournament with both variant but it is unappropriated for the WCT. I also think that all top players should register for this greatest Tafl time of the year. The reluctance of some players doesn't sound very good and should be taken into account, not to mention the most probable non participation of Casshern and Plantagenet (I wish very much I am wrong).

08-16/11:54 Draganov: @All, let's have discussion, please! I think we need to vote and express our personal opinion. In my case, I vote for the standard Copenhagen for this year for the strong king championship. However, I would be glad to see more Copenhagen variants for the next year championship and see Standard Copenhagen and Copenhagen Bell in 2023 championship. 
Regarding the historical championship - I am glad to see more than 1 variant included. So, I like the idea of playing both Tablut and Welsh Tawlbwrdd.
I like the idea of having a Sea Battle master. However, I think sea battle variants are too exotic and will not attract more than 5 players. 
Having a Race Game Master is also a nice idea. So, combining Daldos and Sahkku is a great choice.
I like the idea of taking the highest ever reached rating of a player. In this way, noone will be able to decrease his/her rating on purpose in order to face an easy opponent.
I am happy with the duel of many games started at once, if we have a final round between two players. However, I think in the final duel, the results of the previous rounds must not be taken into considerations and both players to start with clear points and from 0-0.

08-16/11:17 OdinHimself: Yes, I agree with Draganov - players should be more curious and active in new variants, I really like to try new ones, but I lack time. That's why I try to stay in shape only for standart Copenhagen variant, because this is what we play on the WTF championship. I vote for this variant only, but if majority wants the Bell version I will accept this choice.

08-16/10:38 Draganov: I think we need to have discussions on the world championship. However, many players are not talkative and don't express their opinion. I am OK if the tournament is using the standard Copenhagen. On the other hand, I think Hagbard tried to make a step in the right direction by including more variants. Regarding the Copenhagen Bell it is just Copenhagen with a different initial setup. It was tested mainly by myself because the other players were not interested to try something new. I am little bit sad that many players are playing only 1 maximum 2 variants. We have 3 kinds of players - only Brandubh guys, only Tablut players and a really small number of only Copenhagen ones. There are about 5 players who are playing all variants (me, Jrton80, Holidayinnes, MasterLuke and to some extent Cacreal). I think it will be difficult to test a variant when the players are not actively playing or stacked in one variant.

08-16/09:55 Cromwell: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-16/09:46 Hagbard: Well, if it's the general opinion that it would be better with usual Copenhagen for all the rounds, it can soon be changed. Is it better changed?

08-16/09:09 Dimetr: Odinhimself is right - Copenhagen Bell has not been tested enough.
It doesn't matter for me -  I will take part for the experience.
But if the strong players 
won't be play - the tournament will not be interesting

08-15/23:42 Masterluke: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-15/23:42 Masterluke: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-15/23:41 Masterluke: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-15/21:31 rosk: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-15/21:01 Hagbard: It's because the two variants are very similar, only a slightly different start setup. It gives a bit more variation in the rounds. It also eases the organizing, because A can play against B in round 1 and again in round2, it is not the identical same game again.
So Copenhagen Bell is largely the same as Copenhagen.

08-15/18:13 OdinHimself: I was surprised minutes ago when I find out the WTF championship starts (again) with different variant of Copenhagen. I think it is necessary for the federation to define permanent variants with exact rules for the big competitions so that every player knows how to prepare.  Otherwise, players like me for example, who only play certain variants, practically lose their chances of ranking and there is a high probability that they will drop out in disgrace at the very beginning. I personally, have only played two games of this variant and I don't feel at all prepared to participate under these circumstances.

08-15/12:06 floki: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-14/11:18 Draganov: Thank you to all of the participants in the test tournament of Simple Tafl 5x5. I think we had one of the greatest tournaments this year with many participants. The result is 63 black wins against 45 white wins. The balance is -1.40, which is not so bad. The variant of course is solved but this was expected since even the deepest abstract game GO on 5x5 board is completely solved. However, Simple Tafl 5x5 proved itself suitable as an educational tool and could be used to introduce the game and its principles to absolute beginners. The game itself is solved as a win for the blacks but without experience and playing blitz even the strongest players lost games with both colors which is an evidence that even this simplest tafl variant can offer a good mind challenge.

08-14/09:40 test1: Registers for the Sahkku tournament.

08-14/09:40 test1: Registers for the Sea Battle tafl tournament.

08-14/09:40 test1: Registers for the Historical Hnefatafl tournament.

08-14/09:39 test1: Registers for the Copenhagen tournament.

08-14/09:22 Hagbard: x10 games can eventually time out after several months.

08-13/11:53 Colophonius: @Hagbard: Is there a final timeout in x10 games?

08-05/12:28 Hagbard: New in gallery: game sets ready for Medieval Festival.

07-31/18:42 Hagbard: You're welcome. Interesting idea.

07-31/11:45 Draganov: @Hagbard, thank you for implementing Simple Tafl 5x5 so quickly and starting a new tournament! I think it will be fun to test it and see if it is at least more playable than tic tac toe.

07-31/00:27 Steiger: https://youtu.be/0rBznSRmZ6E

07-29/15:43 Draganov: I have some thoughts on the possibility to play tafl on a 5x5 board. 
Please see this topic in the forum and share your thought there or here:

07-28/18:50 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQYEztnaL0U

07-28/18:36 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/IINcNS1ahZ4

07-26/20:32 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Uak_kt040

07-26/18:21 Dimetr: In 2019 Lucho Panchev (Odinhimself) came to this festival, there are photos in the gallery, how he plays with Steiger.

I haven't played Tafl yet, and I was  on vacation in Bulgaria 2019, 
It was good times, now we won't be able to visit each other soon, damn politics!

07-26/18:06 Dimetr: Thanks, I think even a few people are interested in Tafl, they will show the game to their friends, etc.

07-26/16:02 Draganov: Wow, these new photos in the gallery are very nice. Good job, Dimetr in popularizing the tafl and daldos games in Russia!

07-26/10:54 Hagbard: New in gallery: Dimetr sent photos from last weekend's big viking festival at the Volga.

07-26/09:37 Hagbard: Finished tournaments:
Copenhagen Hnefatafl Bell 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, #3 Floki
Saami Sáhkku 3x15: #1 Rosk; #2 Hagbard, #3 Draganov and Jilles
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13: #1 Draganov, #2 Dimetr, Jrton80 and Masterluke
Daldøs 3x16: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes and Rosk
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Jrton80, #3 Fraech
Saami Tablut-w 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Dimetr and Jarcin
Daldøs 3x14: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, #3 Rosk
Sea battle-2526 9x9: #1 Draganov, Alex hnefatafl and Colophonius
Tyr 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Jrton80, #3 Masterluke
Daldøs 3x12: #1 Draganov and Rosk, #3 Chaolaibhne
Copenhagen Hnefatafl 13x13: #1 Rook, #2 Draganov, #3 Holidayinnes
Foteviken tablut 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Rook
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Jrton80 and Masterluke
Saami Sáhkku 3x15: #1 Draganov and Hagbard, #3 Holidayinnes
Tablut 13x13 (modif. Parlett): #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Jrton80
Sea battle line 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Rook
Sea battle square 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, Colophonius and Rosk 
Sea battle-1571 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Colophonius
Sea battle-1606 9x9: #1 Draganov, #2 Rosk, #3 Colophonius
Daldøs 3x16: #1 Chaolaibhne and Hagbard, #3 Draganov and Holidayinnes
Brandubh 7x7 (Walker): #1 Paul7, #2 Colophonius, #3 Unhandyandy and Kaykyber
Fetlar Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Masterluke and Kaykyber
Fetlar 13x13 (Viking Siege): #1 Draganov, #2 Themightyglider, #3 Rook
Fidchell armed 7x7: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, #3 Dimetr and Rosk
Daldøs 3x14: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Rosk, #3 Hagbard
Welsh Tawlbwrdd-w 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Holidayinnes, #3 Alex hnefatafl and Paul7
King anvil only 11x11: #1 Draganov and Holidayinnes, #3 Rosk
King anvil only edge 11x11: #1 Draganov and Holidayinnes, #3 Rosk
Daldøs 3x12: #1 Chaolaibhne, #2 Draganov, #3 Rosk
Fidchell weak-king 7x7: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Jilles, #3 Draganov and Alex hnefatafl

07-25/19:00 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyjE0NzwXGA

07-21/20:47 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zuV3IIaYPA

07-21/19:49 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcP_k9eQz-A

07-21/18:10 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg8hfNMZ6Ew

07-19/11:12 Hagbard: https://en.natmus.dk/museums-and-palaces/trelleborg/viking-festival/

07-17/21:03 Hagbard: The two videos put in the forum July 15th are this year's traditional folk dance meetings very far north in Sweden, Bingsjöstämman July and Ransäterstämman June.
Then a traditional march from Scania on the way to
two videos from the central park in Copenhagen a few days ago, also traditional folk dance.
All is totally back to normal - how many face masks and worried people do you see in the videos ...

07-17/14:39 Hagbard: https://www.tv2east.dk/sommerklar/sommerklar-skovtarnet

07-16/12:01 Hagbard: The Sea Stallion takes off from its home town Roskilde June 2022:
A clip from the Sea Stallion 2017:
The Sea Stallion is a precise replica of a (king's) viking war ship. The original ship found on the bottom of Roskilde Fjord was built 1042, and it took 4 years to build the replica.
The Sea Stallion was finished 2004 and launched to the tones of this melody composed for the launch:
At the launch 60 musicians played this tune, same number as the number of oars in the ship.

07-15/22:11 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_pqx1CffVk

07-15/20:54 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me2nRtLHn6c

07-15/20:11 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ9-UOJ1XMQ

07-05/18:48 MasterLuke: @Hagbard: thanks!
Earlier today, just after one day since I opened my shop, I already sold my largest set ;)

07-05/11:22 Hagbard: Added to the shop list:

07-04/09:52 MasterLuke: I'm selling my unique hand-made Tafl gaming piece sets, therefore I created a webshop on Etsy. Have a look at:

07-03/11:27 Hagbard: New in gallery: Tour de France 2022 in Denmark.

07-01/16:27 Hagbard: Medieval Market problem:

06-29/10:24 Hagbard: New in gallery: Midsummer Eve.

06-28/21:06 MasterLuke: I found this curious variant of the Fidchell game. See link below:
Compared to the recently played Fidchell tournament, there are some differences:
- It features 12 attackers versus 8 defenders (the defenders being black and the attackers white), with of course a different starting set-up
- There is a central throne, like in Tafl games and the same features: hostile to normal pieces, 3-way capture for the king standing next to it
- Most strikingly is the fact that the king may move only one square, except on the border, where he can travel in a row as long as possible. His goal is to reach one of the corners.
Has this been discussed, played or tested here before? (I don't know if the one-step movement combined with the long movements alonside the borders is programmable)

06-27/10:35 Draganov: However, Fidchel on bigger boards will be interesting

06-27/10:34 Draganov: @MasterLuke, Fidchel's balance based on the tournament is 1.47. I am still uncertain about its balance. Although the result from the tournament was in favour of the whites, I think it is too easy for the blacks to win. I think most of the players had wrong game plans when playing with the blacks. In my opinion, the blacks need to keep their corners's vikings in the corners. While these vikings are in the corners, they are immortal. The goal of the whites must be to place vikings in the corners. So, we need more test games but this time the blacks need to try a game plan with keeping their corners's vikings not moved. Then, I think the game might be strongly in black's favour.

06-26/18:08 MasterLuke: I find the ongoing fidchell armed variant tournament rather entertaining. It's a very crowded affair, which creates surprisingly funny situations. While not finished yet, I think it's not too unbalanced. Any other opinions on the matter?
Makes me wonder how a larger fidchell variant (on a 9x9 or even an 11x11 format) would look like.

06-25/19:08 Draganov: And I am still open to be invited to other games. So, if you someone wants to challenge me, I will accept

06-25/17:34 Draganov: Currently I am playing more than 100 tafl games simultaneously. I want to say thanks to all of my opponents who are helping me to set up this new record for gaming activity. Especially, I want to thank the players who are playing long matches of 10 games against me. So, these players are Themightyglider, Rosk, Colophonius, Dimetr, Jrton80, Alex Hnefatafl, Kaykyber, Masterluke, Fraech. I am also grateful to players like Floki, Rook, Jilles and Hagabrd for participating in my record attempt despite the less amount of games that we are currently playing against each other. Finally, special thanks to Holidayinnes for playing in many games against me in the tournaments.

06-25/12:09 ChaolAibhne: If it's not possible to restore them to a situation where they have a few hours left then just leave them

06-25/10:09 Hagbard: The two games could be erased?

06-25/00:32 ChaolAibhne: @Hagbard Thanks for fixing the error. I can now get in to my games. But I've found that a couple of my games have indeed timed out in the meantime.

06-24/22:10 Hagbard: ok

06-24/21:39 ChaolAibhne: @Hagbard I'm getting an error when I try to see my games. I think some of them may be about to time out!

06-22/13:11 Draganov: @All, I would like to play 100 Copenhagen games simultaneously. It will be like 100-man kumite challenge in Karate where one man is fighting against 100 men. I want to ask you who is going to help me in this challenge? Please, feel free to express in the chat your readiness to play against me and the amount of game that you could handle. Since I am best experience in the Copenhagen variant, I would like to play the games in it but I am open for playing in other variants as well. I also don't mind if my future opponents will be low or high rated. I am open to face and enjoy the tafl game against everyone. I also will let my opponents to decide the time buffer - 2, 4 or 10 days. So, share your opinion about my challenge please. Express your readiness to play and mention the amount of the games, the variant and the time control. I think I am in the berserker mood, thirsty for blood and battles.

06-21/18:32 Hagbard: @ChaolAibhne, I take it that Ashton has searched for it and not found any, and I have not heard of any neither

06-21/09:25 Draganov: I think king as anvil or hammer is an interesting variant and offers a different game experience. I would like to invite more players to join the two tournaments and have fun with these variants. Let's try to find out which one is better for the whites - king as an anvil or king as a hammer.

06-19/16:24 ChaolAibhne: @Hagbard I couldn't find in Ashton's paper any mention of translations into languages other than English.

06-19/08:20 Hagbard: This was investigated by Ashton:

06-18/23:20 ChaolAibhne: Did Linnaeus's journal get translated from Latin into any other language than English? If so, how did the errors in Smith's translation prevail?

06-18/17:42 Hagbard: Fixed

06-18/16:10 Hagbard: A bug. I fix it later

06-18/16:00 Draganov: @Hagbard, in King anvil only 11x11 is it possible the king to kill opponent's viking next to the corner? In my game against Rosk, I see that my king is able to kill as a hammer when the opponent's piece is next to te corner?

06-18/09:43 Hagbard: 1811 Smith translated Linne's diary into English, and did some grave translations errors which made the game implossible to play. So others in the English speaking world attempted to fix this by introducing all sorts of patches, like unarmed king, hammer/anvil only etc. etc.
Such misunderstandings are a hundred years old and now have a life of their own -
I wrote about it here:

06-18/09:25 Draganov: @Hagbard, what is the historical background of king anvil and king hammer? Who invented these variants? Is there any historical evidence that the original tafl game had the king as anvil or hammer?

06-18/07:15 Steiger: @Hagbard: It's fantastic! Thanks a lot, Aage! A great honor for me.

06-17/19:19 Hagbard: I checked the program, and repetitions in the Unst variants are a black win.

06-17/18:42 Jrton80: @MasterLuke I was about to ask the same question - but since it is Fetlar where the repetition is not an automatic loss as it should be, I'll pass

06-17/14:04 Hagbard: New in gallery: Royal Hall in Lejre and Steiger's tafl game.

06-16/20:29 Hagbard: Repetition is an idea of the Fetlar Hnefatafl Panel, so I suppose that it's not included in the Unst implementation.

06-16/13:56 Draganov: @Hagbard, since it is a Fetlar variant, is the repetition allowed and leading to a draw or the whites are always losing when repeating the position?

06-16/12:09 Hagbard: "King anvil only" is the Fetlar Hnefatafl with a small change to the king:
the king can capture as anvil but not as hammer.
So, an attacking king cannot capture, but attacks *against* the king do capture.
As far as I remember, this variant is from the Shetland island of Unst.

06-16/12:00 MasterLuke: What does 'King anvil only' mean (new tournaments)? I'm only here for 3 years, sorry for asking.

06-10/12:40 Hagbard: - By the way there might have been more test games of Fidchell. Because at some point the archive was cleared of very short (aborted) games of perhaps 8 moves and less, and there might have been some very short Fidchell test games unfortunately lost by that -

06-10/10:53 Hagbard: We tried armed and unarmed, Fidchell is a mystery and fx. Walker writes that perhaps it's not tafl

06-10/09:45 Draganov: @Hagbard, when you tried the Fidchell what was not working? Why did you say in the forum that: 'We tested Fidchell and were not able to find any way of making it work'? 
In the archive I can see only 2 games and both of them finished with wins for the whites. However, I do think the blacks will easily win in this variant.

06-09/21:16 Hagbard: Fidchell armed (Hnefatafl edge 7x7):
This version is like a standard Old Hnefatafl 7x7 to the edge.
We tried many ways of playing this setup:

06-09/21:15 Hagbard: Fetlar 13x13 (Viking Siege):
Once upon a time there was a DOS computer game 13x13 called "Viking Siege" with this setup:

06-09/16:05 Draganov: Can you also provide some historical background on the Fidchell variant? Who made it and when?

06-09/16:05 Draganov: @Hagbard, why the name of the Fetlar 13x13 is Viking Siege? Is there something related to the rules of the variant or it is just a nice name? Could you also explein if there are some special rules in the Fidchell armed (Hnefatafl edge 7x7) or this is just a standard game in which the white king is armed and needs to reach the edge?

06-08/00:16 Hagbard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk2I4LFRLHE

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