07-14/20:39 Hagbard: New in gallery: SkyeTafl sent photos of new game sets.

07-14/13:45 Skye: @Hagbard: i've send you an email, with some pictures.

07-11/19:55 Hagbard: New in gallery: The Basque Country National Championship 2024.

07-09/23:30 Hagbard: Thank you, I had not seen that

07-09/23:19 Dimetr: yes, but black is still much stronger. I emailed you another setup 13*13, it would be nice to test it later.

07-09/22:49 Hagbard: Interesting point!
In your 13x13 setup, however, you draw the blacks all back to the perifery, and advance the whites in the cross.
I suspect that this will have an effect and help white much.

07-09/22:47 Dimetr: About 13*13 Historical -
 We need to play enough games and make sure, that 13*13 work.
If it work, - maybe, it can be used for the final?
Otherwise, we may scare of players

07-09/22:45 Dimetr: And It would be better to keep Tablut-W 9*9, at least for this year.
Yes, there are some problems with balance, but white still  may win.
I know, white has a couple of good options, at the beginning.
Tablut - the most popular version, after Copenhagen, And it's the magic version.
So, let's play Tablut this year?

07-09/22:42 Dimetr: Hagbard!
About Historical Hnef.
Lewis cross-W 11*11 - is the best in Historical
tournament, but even there, black is better.
And Black will be more stronger on 13*13 board.
This is the essence of Tafl - it can`t be balanced, and that`s not bad,
moverover, it`s interesting!

07-09/11:10 Hagbard: Plan:
If the Hist.Hnef. 13x13 and Sea Battle 13x13 turn out well, they could be used for the WTF Champ. Tourn. 2024. It would be one variant for all rounds and not two as last year.
(hat tip Paca and Dimetr)

07-05/15:49 Hagbard: Perhaps a Strait of the Gods Master?
1. Tyr 11x11
2. Total Hnefatafl 11x11
3. Odin 15x15

07-05/15:36 Hagbard: A Dablo-master this year?
1. Frisian Dablo0
2. Frisian Dablo
The traditional Saami Dablo, though, is very slow and lasts 20 moves longer.

07-05/12:25 Hagbard: - I'm optimistic about that Sea tafl 13:
One black piece moved back to the perifery strengthens white.
And white begins also.
So balance could change from -1.08 to something slightly positive.
A slightly positive balance is more ideal, because in general it's white who has to be inventive and come up with good ideas to break out. A positive balance supports white in doing that.

07-05/09:56 Hagbard: Tourn. 794 with the proposed Sea battle tafl-w 13x13

07-04/18:54 Раса: Я говорил про 13 доску только для морского боя. И расстановку там сделать как в историческом варианте 13×13. Такого сейчас нет. И первый ход дать белым.

07-04/18:42 Hagbard: - but Draganov/Dimetr are about to expand our knowledge of option 4.

07-04/18:22 Hagbard: A comment on the 13x13, this board is usually not as well tested as 9 and 11.

For Sea Tafl 13x13 we have
1. Sea13Nielsen 114 games bal. +1.33
2. Sea13 336 games bal. -1.08
Option 2 is fine.

For Hist. 13x13 we have
1. Hist13 482 games bal. -1.29
2. Hist13Nielsen 60 games bal. -1.32
3. Hist13Parlet2 38 games bal. -1.38
4. Hist13-w 34 games bal. -1.64 (?)
5. Hist13Parlet 42 games bal. -1.73
Only option 1 is reliably tested.

07-04/17:21 Hagbard: Sorry, a few messages of Paca were not uploaded. The essence of them is:
Copenhagen 11x11 to find the World Champion is ok.
Other than this, Paca does not like very much board sizes 9 and 11, but apparently better 13. "A version of the game should be used which is as rich in tactics and strategy as possible, where you can express yourself".

07-04/15:13 Hagbard: Paca complained about some of these ideas.
I'll say that we do strive to choose the best game for the World Championship every year (and later years also side branches like Historical etc.). And it is clear that the wins were well deserved.

07-04/15:11 Раса: Если вы не сделаете как я говорю, то это будет не чемпионат мира, а обычный рядовой турнир, где тестируются разные варианты игры, а не определяется лучший игрок. Так было и в прошлые года.

07-04/11:28 Hagbard: Most active Hnefatafl countries on this site June 2024:
1. USA
2. UK
3. Russia
4. Germany
5. Bulgaria
6. Ukraine
7. Belgium
8. Canada
9. Moldavia

07-03/09:46 Dimetr: I think, we all know who "Раса" is)
He knows, what he's talking about.
Yes, Lewis Cross W - is the best version in historical tournament (although, blacks are much stronger too).
But I think, we should keep Tablut -w 9*9, at least for this year. This is the most popular version after Copenhagen.
Yes, we calculated all starts for white in Tablut. And black, closes the board fast, if they playing correctly.

But white's plan, like in the game Casshern - Draganov - WTF 2022 - 47 moves (e4-f4 - e8-g8; e5-e4 - a4-b4; e6-d6 - f1-f2; e3-a3...), or the same one, is not canceled by blacks, yet.
And we steal playing like this.
Maybe we will find one more good plan for white this year?

07-02/13:54 Draganov: I am advocating of using new and less-known variants for the sea tournament since it will be more fun, the players will step into unknown water. While sailing, you don't know what to expect from the winds and the weather. So, it will be exciting to add an element of uncertainty with using less-known (but still with good balance) variants. I picked variants in which the whites have little bit advantage according the estimated balance since in slow play (world championship is usually played slowly) the blacks will be favourites.

07-02/13:48 Draganov: As a Sea battle master, here is my opinion. The sea battle variants are not as popular as the other variants. So, it is likely that this year the participants in the sea tournament will be fewer compared to other tournaments. On the other hand, this is a good oportunity to make some tests and experiments in the sea tournament format. Regarding the sea variants, I think Sea battle-2526 9x9 is the best on 9x9 board. However, this variant is not playable amongst top players. Last year, I managed to beat Casshern with both colors but my victory with the whites came after a huge blunder. Sea battle-204577-w 11x11 is also a bad variant that is almost 100% black's victory. When I played against Casshern in it, we both easily won with the blacks. So, this variant is boring, slow and hopeless for the whites. 
Here is my proposal: 
Since we are expecting few players to join the sea tournament, we could test a new format. I suggest round-robin with 2 variants for each round. R1 combined points from two round-robin tournaments starting simultaneously (Sea battle-1571 9x9 and Sea battle circle 9x9)... let's try something new... Moreover, the balance of these two variants is really good. Round 2 could be round-robin with 1 variant (Sea battle T circle 11x11). Round 3 it could be round-robin using Sea battle tafl 13x13 (Nielsen). No elimination of players except if a player no shows-off or timed-out more than 50% of his games. The winner is the player who gains most points from all tournament rounds combined.

07-02/12:32 Hagbard: The winners with the variants chosen last year were absolutely not unexpected, though. The variants worked.
1. Copenhagen 11x11
2. Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross-w 11x11
3. Sea battle tafl 13x13
4. Saami Sahkku 3x15, Daldos 3x16, Daldos 3x14 and Saami Sahkku 3x15

07-02/11:26 Hagbard: Draganov is the Sea Master 2023.
Millar (crust) was very fond of Sea 13x13.

07-02/10:08 Hagbard: Could be. Though a bit sad for Tablut, which is a very important game.
For Sea 13x13 we have balances -1.08 and +1.33
While we're at it, perhaps the Daldos12 shouldn't be included, as the short board makes the game very dependent on a couple of bad throws.

07-02/09:45 Раса: Касаемо чемпионата. Доски 7×7 и 9×9 считаю непригодными для такого мероприятия. Там очень многое можно просто выучить как стихотворение в школе из-за маленького размера. Тактика и стратегия уходят на второй план. Думаю нужно в исторической части оставить только Tawlbwrd. А в части морского боя сделать только доску 13×13 с исторической расстановкой. Таблут и морской бой 9 и 11 надо удалить.

07-02/08:50 Hagbard: That would be unfortunate. An interesting feature of the Linne rules, is that they are scalable and work on many boards.
The Historical 13x13 setups which we have tried, are at the moment balanced -1.29, -1.32, -1.38 and -1.64
I would think that the best setup has not been found yet.

07-02/08:47 Раса: На любой доске размера 13 и больше при исторических правилах черные имеют подавляющий перевес независимо от расстановки.
Чтобы работала доска 13 и больше нужны другие правила

07-01/21:13 Hagbard: Because of the Gokstad 13x13 board found in Norway, it would be very interesting to find a good setup without corners for the weak (historical) king.

07-01/21:10 Раса: Лучше добавьте углы 2×2 на 13 доску. Тест с сильным князем.

07-01/18:00 Hagbard: Outline for WTF World Championship Tournament 2024:

06-25/21:19 Dimetr: Draganov! OK, thank you! but it won't be fast

06-25/09:14 Draganov: @Dimetr maybe we should test 13*13 Historical Hnefatafl with whites first in an unrated match of 10 games and see what the balance is. I invited you to 10 test games.

06-24/23:25 Hagbard: True, this setup has been a mystery.
When black begins, balance was measured to -1.29
And when white begins, balance was measured to -1.64
The two numbers cannot both be true.

06-24/23:06 Dimetr: I tried to play 13*13 Historical Hnefatafl with friends, a little.
It seems black always wins.
White's first move will not help.
Maybe  modif. Parlett 2 (13*13) - is more balanced?

06-24/20:51 Hagbard: Worth a try

06-24/10:10 Draganov: I also think the whites should start first in Historical Hnefatafl 13 x 13

06-24/06:10 MasterLuke: About the ongoing tournament Historical Hnefatafl 13 x 13 (just started): balance is -1,29. Did we ever try a version in which white begins?

06-23/09:06 Hagbard: The Frisian Dablo game Herjan / Jrton80 of tourn. 757 is very illustrative.
At some point I thought it looked like a tie.
But it was not; it was possible for white to hunt the black king in chess style.
The game timed out after 184 moves with black king alone against white king and three white men. With the three men soon to be promoted to princes, black looked into an unsecure fate here.

06-19/19:28 Hagbard: I follow with interest the tourn. 757 Frisian Dablo.
Several players are very skilled in this game. However, the end game can obviously be a problem: with only few pieces left, it is theoretically possible for the two kings to just move around and never end the game. The timing will end it then.

Now a test tourn. 782 is started (Frisian Dablo0) with the same rules, but no piece can move backwards (except as usual when capturing pieces).

06-18/15:09 Hagbard: https://www.tv2east.dk/slagelse/vikingeborg-kom-paa-saerlig-liste-nu-er-besoegstallet-eksploderet

06-17/20:35 Hagbard: Bue's Viking

06-14/10:40 Hagbard: Good idea! From my student's time I remember games using alcohol shots as pieces -

06-14/10:11 Draganov: @Hagbard, are the pieces of your new set made of candies? If so, it is a nice idea... the more pieces you take, the more candies you can eat...

06-13/21:30 Hagbard: thanks!

06-13/21:25 Dimetr: Hagbard!
Great game sets!

06-13/21:23 Dimetr: I'm afraid not! My friend found a link on the  Wales Library website, recently
(It's a really big library)

06-13/10:57 paul7: @Dimetr, thanks for sharing! I remember you were writing to the Library of Wales to get this document online. Is this the result of your effort?

06-12/15:58 Hagbard: My new game sets!

06-12/10:27 Hagbard: Robert ap Ifan manuscript, well found!!!
@ChaolAibhne, thank you

06-11/23:42 ChaolAibhne: @Hagbard Thanks for adding the links to player ratings. I think that's a nice feature to have.

06-11/22:59 Dimetr: Hello all! 
Look! This is Robert ap Ifan manyscript 1587- about Tawlbwrdd 11*11


06-11/22:56 Dimetr: https://viewer.library.wales/6145926#?xywh=0%2C-1498%2C4158%2C8305&cv=14

06-09/20:05 Hagbard: ;)

06-09/19:49 Colophonius: It works, thank you Hagbard!

06-05/10:18 Hagbard: I'll have a look at it next week

06-05/01:49 ChaolAibhne: @Hagbard Would it be possible to have each player's rating on the "Play against humans" page linked directly to their rating history? I think that would be more convenient than having to go to the search page for the games archive and entering the player's name into the lookup facility there.

06-04/10:01 Hagbard: The tournament 752 Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11 functioned kind of as a WTF tourn. format test also:
10 players of all ratings took part, many very strong players.
So this was also a test of a Round Robin format with 18 simultaneous Copenhagen games.
An exhausting experience, I'm sure ...
The Diagonal Format in comparison has 4 simultaneous games.

06-01/09:46 Hagbard: Finished tournaments:
Total Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Draganov and Cacreal, #3 Thorfin
Simple Tafl-w 5x5: #1 Brave-frog, Themightyglider and Tonythebook
Historical Hnefatafl 7x7 (Irish Brandubh 2): #1 Colophonius and Themightyglider, #3 Brave-frog and Tonythebook
Tyr 11x11 (Alea Berserk Martens 2): #1 Brave-frog, #2 Masterluke, #3 Jrton80
Daldos 3x16: #1 Draganov, #2 Jilles, #3 Holidayinnes
Tawlbwrdd Lewis diamond 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Dimetr and Potapych
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Jrton80, #3 Fraech
Historical Hnefatafl 7x7 (Irish Brandubh 2): #1 Colophonius and Themightyglider, #3 Brave-frog
Daldos 3x14: #1 Jilles, #2 Cacreal and Hagbard
Historical Hnefatafl 9x9 (Saami Tablut-w): #1 Dimetr, #2 Jilles, #3 Brave-frog
Daldos 3x12: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Potapych, #3 Xerxes
Copenhagen Hnefatafl Bell 11x11: #1 Cacreal, #2 Brave-frog and Axelrook
Alea Berserk 19x19 (Bartley): #1 Masterluke, #2 Brave-frog, #3 Jrton80
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13 (modif. Parlett 2): #1 Jilles, #2 Masterluke, #3 Brave-frog
Odin 17x17 (Alea Berserk Martens 1): #1 Jilles, #2 Jrton80, #3 Masterluke and Brave-frog
Odin 15x15 (Alea Berserk Martens 1): #1 Jrton80, #2 Masterluke, #3 Brave-frog
Saami Sahkku 3x15 (Kaafjord): #1 Hagbard and Rosk, #3 Jilles

05-28/20:07 Draganov: Nice to see Alex and Cacreal playing a match of 10 games against each other. It is interesting to see how many games will the whites win.

05-26/20:47 Hagbard: - and it is checked, that with this timing Casshern still would not have timed out in any of the 2023-games.

05-26/20:27 Hagbard: Analysis of time length of the latest year's Copenhagen games:
869 games (x10 games ignored). The longest games were in time:
26 days, 20 days, 18 days, 18 days, 18 days, 17 days, 16 days, 16 days, 15 days, 15 days, 14 days, 14 days, 14 days, 13 days.

26 days and 4 rounds will take 104 days, which is close to what we saw in 2023.

The timing mechanics is now changed slightly, so that "the long tail" of time should disappear. The change has only affect on games started since yesterday.

05-24/21:53 Hagbard: A couple of comments on the WTF tournament format:

05-24/17:42 Hagbard: Jeg gik mig

05-23/11:15 Hagbard: Luk Martens sent new Odin Hnefatafl pieces, and updated the rules sheet:

05-19/15:54 Hagbard: This was a full test, all players did 104 games. The player who wins this thing is truly a winner.
All the strongest players took part in the test, and by winning Holidayinnes confirms that he is the World Champion in race games!

The result by this method seems accurate.
Perhaps the number of games can be reduced, fx. in a tournament with 20 players this way:
Round 1 20 players
Round 2 20 players
Round 3 18 best players
Round 4 16 best players
Round 5 12 best players.

Counting the simple way just numbers of wins would in this test tournament give nearly the same result. But the Formula One method of counting makes the results more distinct and adds to the fun, in my opinion -

The tournament took 45 days.

05-19/15:46 Hagbard: Final result; the parantheses show number of won games
F1 points test sum Sahkku + Daldos16 + Daldos14 + Daldos12 + Sahkku:
#1 87 points Holidayinnes (73)
#2 74 points Jilles (66)
#3 71 points Hagbard (58)
#4 56 points Potapych (58)
#5 53 points Rosk (55)
#6 47 points Draganov (47)
#7 37 points Xerxes (51)
#8 36 points Tonythebook (48)
#9 28 points Jrton80 (43)
#10 22 points Cacreal (26)
#11 20 points Brave-frog (40)
#11 20 points Colophonius (34)
#13 4 points Nikolai hristov (12)
#14 0 points Herjan (5), Thorfin (4)

05-19/14:59 Hagbard: F1 points test round 5 Sahkku:
#1 25 points: Hagbard (13), Rosk (13)
#3 15 points: Jilles (12)
#4 12 points: Potapych (10)
#5 10 points: Holidayinnes (9)
#6 8 points: Xerxes (8), Tonythebook (8)
#8 4 points: Jrton80 (5)
#9 2 points: Brave-frog (3)

05-19/13:04 Hagbard: Sommersalme

05-18/11:57 Hagbard: test it‘’'s

05-18/11:53 Hagbard: test it‘‘’'s

05-13/10:50 Hagbard: Final result approaches, the position is right now
F1 points test sum Sahkku + Daldos16 + Daldos14 + Daldos12 + Sahkku:
#1 87 points Holidayinnes (73)
#2 74 points Jilles (64)
#3 71 points Hagbard (58)
#4 59 points Potapych (58)
#5 47 points Draganov (47)
#6 46 points Rosk (53)
#7 37 points Xerxes (51)
#8 34 points Tonythebook (44)
#9 30 points Jrton80 (43)
#10 22 points Cacreal (26)
#11 20 points Brave-frog (37)
#12 16 points Colophonius (34)
#13 4 points Nikolai hristov (12)
#14 0 points Herjan (5), Thorfin (4)

05-13/08:39 Hagbard: F1 points test round 2 Daldos16:
#1 25 points: Draganov (19)
#2 18 points: Jilles (17)
#3 15 points: Holidayinnes (16)
#4 12 points: Potapych (12), Jrton80 (12)
#6 8 points: Xerxes (11), Rosk (11), Hagbard (11), Brave-frog (11)
#10 2 points: Colophonius (10), Tonythebook (10)
> #10 0 points: Herjan (5)

05-12/20:08 Hagbard: restored

05-12/19:13 MasterLuke: @Hagbard: I think something went wrong with the game 'Tournament 749, Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens), 20 moves, I play white against Brave-frog. I must have pressed the resign-button by accident? There was absolutely no reason to resign after only 20 moves. Can you please re-activate the game at move 19, please?

05-12/11:13 Hagbard: F1 points test round 4 Daldos12:
#1 25 points: Holidayinnes (13)
#2 18 points: Potapych (12)
#3 15 points: Xerxes (11)
#4 12 points: Jilles (10)
#5 10 points: Jrton80 (9)
#6 8 points: Tonythebook (8), Brave-frog (8)
#8 4 points: Rosk (6)
#9 2 points: Hagbard (4)

05-12/10:31 Hagbard: Aurora

05-11/09:25 Hagbard: Aurora

05-10/15:55 Hagbard: F1 points test round 3 Daldos14:
#1 25 points: Jilles (15)
#2 18 points: Cacreal (14), Hagbard (14)
#4 12 points: Holidayinnes (13), Draganov (13)
#6 8 points: Potapych (11)
#7 6 points: Xerxes (10), Rosk (10)
#9 2 points: Brave-frog (9), Jrton80 (9)
> #10 0 points: Colophonius (8), Tonythebook (6)

05-10/11:28 Hagbard: Kun en jord

05-09/10:07 Hagbard: Races are still running so anything can happen, but the position is right now
F1 points test sum Sahkku + Daldos16 + Daldos14 + Daldos12 + Sahkku:
#1 98 points Holidayinnes (72)
#2 73 points Jilles (67)
#2 73 points Hagbard (56)
#4 53 points Rosk (48)
#5 52 points Potapych (47)
#6 47 points Draganov (52)
#7 45 points Xerxes (45)
#8 34 points Tonythebook (36)
#9 26 points Brave-frog (33)
#10 23 points Cacreal (29)
#11 22 points Colophonius (34)
#11 22 points Jrton80 (32)
#13 4 points Nikolai hristov (12)
#14 0 points Herjan (5), Thorfin (4)

05-07/13:54 Draganov: @All, I will take a break from playing tafl after finishing my ongoing games. I want to focus on some personal things and my project regarding the Hnefatafl tips and strategy as well as commenting the games of the world Hnefatafl champions. I will be here and will look how the other players are doing but I will not be actively playing.

05-06/15:50 Hagbard: A reason for white's troubles in the version with guards, was that white had to convert some normal, armed men to be unarmed guards.
A reason that the version without guards is more balanced, is that these men are now armed.

05-06/13:11 masterluke: @dragonov: regarding the 'Martens' variants: on the contrary, they were quite extensively tested as Hagbard states below and they turned out to be very balanced. But in the progress of simplifying the game I left out the commanders and V-man and this resulted in the current Tyr variants.
On the other hand, why shouldn't these variants exist alongside Tyr and all the other games? Maybe we should rename them, leaving out my name? 'Odin'??

05-06/09:28 Hagbard: Plan for Formula One test:
The 5 tournaments added:
729 Sahkku
735 Daldos16
740 Daldos14
743 Daldos12
751 Sahkku
This is also what I'd propose for the World Championship tournament.
Sahkku twice, because it's the most complex of the variants.

Personally I've wondered about the Daldos12 game.
I think that I've had a fair chance in the other race variants, but I have problems with Daldos12.
Perhaps one reason is:
The small 12-board is unforgiving the same way the small tafl boards are. So that it's necessary to play extremely accurately all the time with absolutely no mistakes.
However, it's obviously not randomness which makes the 12-board difficult, because the good players win.

In my opinion, the Formula One points system has worked very well so far!

05-05/22:19 Hagbard: I listed them in the balance sheet now; 17x17 tested with 90 games, 15x15 with 80 games.

05-05/21:23 Draganov: @Hagbard, I think Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens)  and Alea Berserk 15x15 (Martens) tournaments should be unrated since these variants will be probably too much imbalanced and in favor of the blacks.

05-05/21:21 Draganov: @Antonius, usually the time control is written next to the game variant. You can also see how much time you have in your time buffer by clicking on the enter button at the bottom of the page below your started games.

05-05/18:03 Hagbard: At some point we did call this "Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens 2)"

05-05/15:16 Hagbard: Name change:
Martens Alea -> Old Alea
Old Tyr-1 -> Martens Alea

05-05/14:21 Hagbard: Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) as it is set up now,
is actually identical to Old Tyr-1 17x17, the variant which was tested right after.
The latter is already well tested and the balance is +1.08.
(Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) was the version with guards, and other places for commanders and variegated men.)

05-05/12:24 Hagbard: If Daldos12 is counted:
Races are still running so anything can happen, but the position is right now
F1 points test sum Sahkku + Daldos16 + Daldos14 + Daldos12:
#1 80 points Holidayinnes (63)
#2 65 points Jilles (64)
#3 48 points Hagbard (45)
#4 46 points Potapych (44)
#5 45 points Draganov (49)
#6 40 points Rosk (42)
#7 32 points Xerxes (39)
#8 24 points Brave-frog (33)
#8 24 points Tonythebook (32)
#10 23 points Cacreal (29)
#11 22 points Colophonius (34)
#12 18 points Jrton80 (31)
#13 4 points Nikolai hristov (12)
#14 0 points Herjan (5), Thorfin (4)

05-05/09:53 Hagbard: I found some old emails to throw light on the history of the Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens).
Luk Martens had for some time worked with inventing this game and testing it at home with friends:
- The setup of pieces transferred to a 17x17 board from the historical known Alea Evangelii 19x19 setup.
- Introducing commanders, variegated men and guards.
- Using berserk moves.

January 2020 we started testing it here. The guards were unarmed and immortal and were meant to protect the king. But the tests showed that they more helped the attackers, who could hide behind them near the king.

But fun test games. In a test game, Adam Bartley in the very last move killed two men, turned over a V-man and captured the king in one turn!

The balance was at that time measured to -2.0
The guards were given up, the variegated men were moved forward, and February 2020 the board was outlined which is tested now.

From the Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens), Luk Martens continued the development into the Tyr games.

05-05/00:22 Antonius: I'm new here, so not quite sure how things work.  If I want to accept a game or tournament invitation, how do I know what the time control is for the game before clicking the button to accept?  I just want to make sure I don't commit to something and then find I'm not able to manage the time allowance.  Thanks in advance.

05-04/19:25 Hagbard: At some point we measured the balance -2.0; but this setup with changed positions of V's has not been tried before.

05-04/19:06 Draganov: Even with immortal and jumping K the whites have difficulties to win the game

05-04/19:05 Draganov: I played dozen of games in this variant and found out that the K piece (both immortal and able to capture by jumping over a piece) is vital to keep the game well-balanced. There is no way a strong player to lose with the blacks are if the K piece is immortal but unarmed.

05-04/18:12 Hagbard: As far as I remember, the function of the guard pieces were to be immortal and unarmed.

05-04/18:01 Hagbard: It's a long time ago, but I slightly remember that it was as if the guard pieces were mostly in the way, and so they were given up, as far as I remember. I have an email from Feb. 13th 2020 with a board diagram which seems to be the latest setup. This is implemented now.

05-04/17:56 Draganov: In Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens) we have a new kind of a piece. It is an immortal guard that can capture like a knight by jumping over an enemy's piece. It can't be killed and it can't participate in capturing as a hammer or anvil. It can capture only by jumping over the piece. This new piece makes the variant great and funny to play. The whites have a lot of opportunities to organize their attacks and the blacks still have chances because they have double number of pieces and the king is captured from two sides. In my opinion, this variant is one of the deepest and very strategic. I played a long game against Jrton80 in which I found out a way to block his K piece and also the battle was for small advantages over the board for example controlling of a square (we played 10 moves just to take control over a key square). So, I strongly encourage everyone to give this variant a try and join the tournament.

05-04/15:56 MasterLuke: Hello everyone
As stated earlier, the new piece sets are intemplated in various game variants. 
@Hagbard: regarding the variant 'Tournament 746. Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens)': something went wrong with the capital letters C, K, V and G on the pieces. Can you fix it? In the other variants Berskerk and Alea Berserk and Historical 13x13 they look OK.
@all who wants to play the variant 'Tournament 746 - Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens)' This is in fact a forerunner of the current 'Tyr' type of games. Draganov re-ignited the game and, I guess in conjunction with Hagbard, made some adjustements to the function of the Guard. He is unbeatable, BUT ALSO CAN ONLY CAPTURE like a Knight, so by jumping over an enemy piece.
@Hagbard: maybe it's a good idea to explain this in a few words underneath the game board?

05-04/12:22 Hagbard: Tusind stykker

05-04/11:35 Hagbard: Changed to new set in
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11
Alea Berserk 17x17 (Martens)
Alea Berserk 19x19 (Bartley)
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13 (modif. Parlett 2)

05-04/10:04 masterluke: @draganov and @hagbard: the new pieces look great on red board (current berserk setup). I suggest to use them also on Alea Berserk 19x19 because of the V-men, commanders and knights.

05-03/21:41 Draganov: I think the new design has better contrast and the pieces are more visible. However, I think the players are used to the old design and it will take them some time to get used to the new one. So, my proposal is to use the new design in some less popular variants like Berserk, one weak-king variant like Tawlbwrdd Lewis Cross or Tawlbwrdd Lewis Diamond and see the reaction of the players. I also think that we can standardise the game pieces as well. My personal opinion is that the best-looking tafl pieces are those used in Welsh Tawlbwrdd and the second best piece set is for Fetlar. Regarding the board color, I like the red boards the most since it represents the bloody tafl game very well. Is it possible to make a design combination between the pieces from Welsh Tawlbwrdd (Bell setup) and a red colored board. Maybe adjust the piece colors little bit but keep their faces and looking.

05-03/20:59 Hagbard: Luk Martens sent a general set of Hnefatafl pieces, including even commanders, variegated men, knights and guards.
The new set is now used for the Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11.
Personally I like also the previous sets, which are used for other variants now.
I'd ask you players if there's a wish to change also some other variants to the new set?
(Except for the Simple Tafl, because this set is kind of American style. It is used by the American University twice a year, and it's my impression that they like the pieces very much.)

05-02/14:52 Hagbard: The current race games test is very instructive:
Out of the seven top-three players from 2021-2023 six participate; only Bogd Khan is not there.
And to that eight fine players more.

05-02/08:57 Hagbard: Finished tournaments:
Old Hnefatafl 11x11: #1 Draganov, #2 Jrton80, #3 Axelrook
Saami Daabloe 11x9: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Jrton80, #3 Rosk and Tonythebook
Daldos 3x14: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Xerxes, Tonythebook, Hagbard and Colophonius
Brandubh 7x7 (Walker): #1 Colophonius, #2 Themightyglider, #3 Brave-frog
Historical Hnefatafl 7x7 (Irish Brandubh 2): #1 Colophonius, #2 Brave-frog, #3 Themightyglider
Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross-w 11x11: #1 Dimetr and Alex hnefatafl, #3 Jilles
Daldos 3x16: #1 Jilles, #2 Potapych, #3 Xerxes and Nikolai hristov
Frisian Dablo 11x9: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Jrton80 and Brave-frog
Hex 11x11: #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Potapych and Brave-frog
Daldos 3x12: #1 Xerxes, #2 Jilles and Potapych
Saami Sahkku 3x15 (Kaafjord): #1 Holidayinnes, #2 Tonythebook, Hagbard and Colophonius

04-30/14:28 Hagbard: Races are still running so anything can happen, but the position is right now
F1 points test sum Sahkku + Daldos16 + Daldos14:
#1 61 points Holidayinnes (50)
#2 53 points Hagbard (40)
#3 37 points Jilles (51)
#4 35 points Draganov (34)
#5 32 points Rosk (36)
#5 32 points Colophonius (34)
#7 28 points Potapych (33)
#7 28 points Tonythebook (29)
#9 14 points Jrton80 (25)
#10 10 points Xerxes (28)
#11 4 points Brave-frog (20)
#11 4 points Cacreal (13)
#11 4 points Nikolai hristov (12)
#14 0 points Herjan (4), Thorfin (4)

04-29/18:48 Hagbard: @xerxes, that is true.
But still the numbers so far make sense.
I suspect that there is some mathematical explanation for that.
I guess that:
In Formula One races the drivers earn their start positions, and so they in each race especially compete against a handful of equally strong drivers. Whereas here in this tournament, everybody every time compete against everybody.
And thus the winner in our tournament is more efficiently and quicker found; this is my theory.

04-29/13:47 xerxes: @Hagbard.  You are right re the F1 points.  The potential disadvantage for us is that we are only having 4 rounds instead of the 23 in F1.  That gives a big advantage to the winners of each round given that they get 7 more points than the player finishing second.

04-29/08:08 Hagbard: The Formula One way of giving points is interesting!
It's all about position. As in the cars' race it's a fight for every centimeter (every won game), not for the centimeter/game, but to get ahead of other players.
The three front runners of any race are strongly favoured. And all the way through the field one more won game can mean many extra points. Or if you're already much ahead, one more won game can mean nothing.

04-27/23:30 Hagbard: Forår

04-27/22:49 Hagbard: Forårsdag

04-27/18:05 Hagbard: Now that almost all top players are in the Daldos14, too, this could be added to the F1 test.

04-21/08:03 Hagbard: F1 points test round 1 Sahkku:
#1 25 points: Holidayinnes (22)
#2 18 points: Tonythebook (16), Hagbard (16), Colophonius (16)
#5 10 points: Rosk (15), Draganov (15)
#7 6 points: Potapych (13)
#8 4 points: Nikolai hristov (12), Cacreal (12), Jilles (12)
> #10 0 points: Xerxes (11), Brave-frog (9), Jrton80 (9), Thorfin (4)

04-19/21:23 Draganov: Another interesting match for me would be a 'strong king challenge'. 10 games of Fetlar, 10 games of Old Hnefatafl, 10 games of Copenhagen, 10 games of Copenhagen Bell, 10 games of Total Hnefatafl. I am open to play such a marathon against everyone.

04-19/21:18 Draganov: I am open to play matches of 10 Copenhagen games only against Casshern and Herjan. I tried to challenge Plantagenet and Nath but they both refused. Nath seems to be done with tafl and Plantagenet is willing to play only in his own variant which is still in progress. Maybe Alex Hnefatafl and I should play a match because he is in good shape and came close to becoming a champion. However, we played 200 games against each other and I am not interested to play him again. However, I will challenge him if the tafl community wants to see such a match again. I consider you as a very strong player, potentially the next world champ. Probably we can make something interesting. What about triple duel... Cacreal vs Draganov vs Alex Hnefatafl. Each one of us plays 10 games against the other two players. The winner is the player with the most points gained from the 20 games. What do you think about such a 3 players tournament?

04-19/21:03 Draganov: Cacreal, the Total Hnefatafl allows repetition and if you repeat the position three times, it finishes as a draw. Respect the rules of the variant, please. I am more concerned about Total Hnefatafl because I proposed this variant and I am advocating for allowing repetition leading to draw. I do believe that this is one of the few ways to make the game balanced and to give the whites equal chance even on top level playing. I refused to play against you in Copenhagen because I am bored of playing Copenhagen. I haven't been playing Copenhagen recently except 2 games against Herjan because I really like his playing style and chatting with him. I am still not sure if I am going to continue playing Copenhagen. I will probably join the next world championship but only because it is my duty as a champion to defend the title. I am focused on exploring new variants especially those that have been considered imbalanced. However, I would play Copenhagen again only in matches that I consider interesting and motivating for me (the problem of being a champion is the lack of motivation).

04-19/20:54 Hagbard: Yes I called the draw. Draganov invented the rules, and the game did reach the eternal repetition we saw so often in the Fetlar.
The IM/FM is just because of a game balance adjust.

04-19/20:40 cacreal: Thorfin vs cacreal the repetition was stopped and @hagbard you manually made it a draw?
I thought this was a viking game and not a Draganov political forum. Also it seemed like I was a IM and now am not.
Did I miss something else on a message board? Draganov refused my challenge in Copenhagen so I joined the total tournament 
to play a game against him, Thanks for the games. Skol

04-19/19:51 xerxes: Yes - congrats to Holidayinnes.  I expect he has won most of them too !

04-19/19:23 Hagbard: Du kom
Op al den ting
Må din vej
Lyse nætter

04-19/12:53 Colophonius: Congrats to Holidayinnes for the 4600th game!

04-17/17:11 Hagbard: Then only I can do it manually, I'm afraid

04-17/17:06 Draganov: What happens if one of the players refuse to do it and the other timeouts?

04-17/16:35 Hagbard: It works, in the sense that repetition does not give a win to a player.
But the two players have to both click the Draw-button.
Earlier the program stopped the game and gave both players a Draw. But some situations showed up where the program should not do that, therefore the players must do it manually.

04-17/11:48 Draganov: @Hagbard, thanks for the clarification. Could you also check if the repetition rule works in Total Hnefatafl because the game between Thorfin and Cacreal is still ongoing despite threefold repetition.

04-17/08:19 Hagbard: Variant number 16 balance 1.3

04-16/21:30 Draganov: @Hagbard, the game balance of Copenhagen is mentioned to be (16 ba 1.3). Could you explain what does '16 ba' mean?

04-15/07:29 Hagbard: Formula One test round 2 started, tourn. 735 Daldos16

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