Alexander Steiger Dis' Hnefatafl game set up in the Royal Hall in Lejre, Denmark.

Tafl Shops.

Here's a list of known places to buy a tafl game.
Although one should not forget that tafl is a simple game, and everyone can make a simple tafl set of their own.
The commercial game sets, however, are often more artistic.

Physical Tafl Shops.

Many museum shops sell tafl games. Often museum shops also sell through the internet.
Here are a few:
Nationalmuseet, Denmark
Skalk, Denmark
British Museum
Jorvik Viking Centre
Runestone Museum

Internet Tafl Shops.

Alexander Steiger Dis (Ukraine)
Alexander Steiger Dis on Instagram (Ukraine)
Mikkel Berg-Nordlie (Sápmi, Norway)
TaflMaster, Tafl pieces made by order. Luk Martens, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
MetalVikings on Instagram (Russia)
MetalVikings on Facebook (Russia)
Etsy.com (Russia)
Lucho Panchev (Bulgaria)
Jelling Dragon
Handfaste (Sweden)
Noble Knight
Game Crafter
Historic Enterprises
True History
Masters Traditional Games
The Regency Chess Company
Chess Baron
Fishpond (Australia)
Gamesweb.dk (Denmark)

If you have a mind to make your own tafl game, perhaps you can find inspiration in our photo gallery
and in the photo collection of our Facebook site.
Bear in mind that a game can be made very simple and has not to be as imaginative as in the photos.

tafl board
Handmade tafl game.
Artist: Alexander Steiger Dis ("Steiger"), Ukraine.
Photo: Christoph Treskow ("red-ron").
tafl game
Handmade tafl game.
Artist: Dmitry Pashkov, Russia.
tafl board
Handmade tafl game.
Artist: Tim Millar ("crust"), UK.
Photo: Tim Millar.
tafl board
Handmade tafl game.
Artist: Adam Bartley ("Adam"), Norway.
Photo: Adam Bartley.

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