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World Tafl Federation Championship 2024 Muninn, September 15th -


Tournament rules.

Tournament rules.

Sign up:
Deadline for registering is September 14th 2024 12:00 Danish time.
There is a button for it on the "Play against humans" page.
It is not allowed to participate in a tournament with more than one alias.

September 15th 2024.

There are four separate lines of tournament; a player can participate in one or more:
  • Hólmgarðr, Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11.
  • Vínland, Historical Hnefatafl:
    1. Saami Tablut-w 9x9 (round 1)
    2. Tawlbwrdd Lewis cross-w 11x11 (round 2 ff.)
  • Gàrtharíki, Sea Battle Tafl:
    1. Sea battle-2526 9x9 (round 1)
    2. Sea battle-w 11x11 (round 2 ff.)
  • Markland, Race games:
    1. Saami Sáhkku 3x15 (round 1)
    2. Daldøs 3x16 (round 2)
    3. Daldøs 3x14 (round 3)
    4. Daldøs 3x12 (round 4)
    5. Saami Sáhkku 3x15 (round 5)
NB. About shieldwalls, see Doctor Crustus explains shieldwalls (Tim Millar)
Hist. Hnef.
Sea Battle
Race games

x5, same as the ordinary tournaments (time buffer 6.5 days, incr. per move 10 hours).
When a game lasted a long time, the increment per move is gradually reduced.
Protected miminum time per move 2 hours (!).
The "!" next to a timeout warning is set when the available time from one move to the next has fallen below 10 hours. The time available will continue to fall until it's only 2 hours.. Come this far, the flag will fall soon

Longest time to move 3 days, gradually reduced to 1 day for long games.
If a player does not start any game within 3 days, he is disqualified as a no-show.

When the time buffer left is less than 1.5 day, a blue warning is shown.
When the time left till timeout is less than 24 hours, a red warning is shown!

How to see your rest time buffer:
On your "My current games" page:
at the bottom of the page, click "Enter" to "Show my games and time buffers".

If at any time you want to leave the tournament, please say so in the chat forum.
A player who causes more than half of his Round games to time out or does not show up for the round, is disqualified from the tournament.

Tournament format:
The tournament is a Triple-Elimination (except race games) as described here:
Diagonal Tournament Format.
When you lost 6 games, you're out.
The losses are summed from round to round.

New players.
New players with 1-10 games, and players who were no-shows last year, are in the first round isolated in a separate Round Robin tournament.
One or two winners proceed to the normal Round 2.
They bring to round 2 their losses from round 1.

Race Games tournament format as tested here:
Test of Race Games.

The winners are
Copenhagen: World Tafl Federation Champion.
Hist. Hnef.: Historical Hnefatafl World Champion.
Sea Battle: Sea Battle Master.
Race games: Race Games Master.


Continuing info is given in the chat forum.
And here.

Hints how to win Copenhagen Hnef.:
Tim Millar ("Crust").
Plamen Draganov ("Draganov").

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