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Quick overview of tafl variants.

Copenhagen 11x11 board
Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11
Damian Walker, UK, made this leaflet with the Copenhagen Hnefatafl rules:
Copenhagen Hnefatafl, Introduction, History, How to Play.

Copenhagen Hnefatafl rules,
Introduction to the Copenhagen rules (Tim Millar).
(Millars page about Fetlar strategy is useful for Copenhagen also).
Hnefatafl 11x11 board
Fetlar Hnefatafl 11x11
Fetlar Hnefatafl 11x11.
Fetlar Hnefatafl rules (Fetlar Hnefatafl Panel),
and here (Damian Walker).
and here (Tim Millar),
and here (Uig Historical Society).

Regeln auf deutsch.
Règles en français.
Regler på dansk.
Правила по-русски.

"Old Hnefatafl": Identical to Fetlar Hnefatafl 11x11, except that the king can be captured on the board edge and thus can be captured by two attackers when on a square next to a corner.

Berserk 11x11 board
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11
Berserk Hnefatafl 11x11.
Berserk Hnefatafl rules.
Magpie cross 7x7 board
Magpie cross 7x7
Magpie 7x7.
Magpie rules.

Theory of Historical Hnefatafl:
The tafl games "Brandubh" (Ireland), "Ard Ri" (Scotland), "Tablut" (Lapland), "Tawlbwrdd" (Wales) and "Hnefatafl" (Iceland) are all one and the same game:
the Iron- and Viking Age Scandinavian board game Hnefatafl.
Hnefatafl on the 7x7 board was called Brandubh in Ireland and Ard Ri in Scotland, on the 9x9 board called Tablut in Lapland, on the 11x11 board called Tawlbwrdd in Wales (the Scandinavian word Tavlbord = gameboard).
Brandub 7x7 board
Irish Brandubh 7x7
Ard Ri 7x7 board
Scottish Ard Ri 7x7
Saami 9x9 board
Saami Tablut 9x9 (Linné)
Tablut 11x11 board
Welsh Tawlbwrdd 11x11 (Bell)
Tablut 13x13 board
Historical Hnefatafl 13x13 (David Parlett)
Tablut 15x15 board
Historical Hnefatafl 15x15 (Damian Walker)

Historical Hnefatafl.
Adam Bartley, Norway, made this plate with the Historical Hnefatafl rules:
Historical Hnefatafl Rules for print!

Brandubh, regler på dansk.
Tablut, regler på dansk.
Sea Battle 9x9 board
Sea battle 9x9 (Imperial Contest)
Sea Battle 11x11 board
Sea battle tafl cross 11x11 (Dardell)
Sea Battle 13x13 board
Sea battle tafl 13x13 (David Parlett)
Sea Battle 15x15 board
Sea battle tafl 15x15 (Damian Walker)

Sea battle tafl.
Sea Battle tafl rules,
and here (Tim Millar),
and here (Damian Walker).
Regler på dansk.

Sea Battle 9x9 (Imperial Contest): The cargo ship cannot move more than four squares per move.

Measured tafl game balances.
Measured tafl game haphazardness.

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