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World Tafl Federation Championship 2015, September 1st - December 19th.

World Tafl Federation Champion 2015 is
Adam Bartley, Tønsberg, Norway!

Master of Mithgarthr 2015 is
Tim Bullen, Formby, UK.

Master of Utgarthr 2015 is
"Sybil", Sorbara, Italy.

Tournament rules.
The Copenhagen rules, described here.

Points are 1 for won, 0 for lost and 0.5 for a draw.
Umpire: Tim Millar (crust). For Millar's games, umpire is Aage Nielsen (Hagbard).

The Thue-Morse sequence is used to distribute players in groups for Round 1 based on ratings.
Two players per preliminary group qualify for the final.
(All other players will also have their own finals, divided into two final groups based on the Round 1 results.)
Games already done in the preliminary round are not repeated, but the results are transferred to the finals.

In case of a tie:
1. direct comparison of the games of the tied players (for this round).
2. Sonneborn-Berger score calculated for this round.
in case of still a tie:
3. preliminary round: both players proceed. Final: new rounds until one wins (only to find the tournament winner).

Preliminary round: time buffer 7 days (!!)
Final round: time buffer 14 days.
But even if a player has no time buffer left, he has always 1.5 day to do his current move.
Please remember that the time buffer is meant for use when away on weekend or vacation. Could be unwise to use it up in everyday moves.

If at any time you want to leave the tournament, just say so.
If a player does not move at all during the first eight days of Round 1, he is removed from the tournament. The same with Round 2 and 15 days.
A player who causes more than half of his Round games to time out, is disqualified from the tournament.

There are daily updates and occasionally some game commentary (only on completed games of course) on the
World Tafl Federation facebook page.

Final round.


(Odin, tegnet af Peter Madsen til Valhalla-albummerne)

World Tafl Federation Championship Tournament 2015, Copenhagen Hnefatafl 11x11 (2015-09-01)

18 mv
102 mv
60 mv
94 mv
90 mv
23 mv
142 mv
29 mv
65 mv
73 mv
17 mv
35 mv
59 mv
21 mv
50 mv
33 mv
69 mv
145 mv
118 mv
62 mv
95 mv
154 mv
48 mv
64 mv
39 mv
59 mv
150 mv
37 mv
21 mv
19 mv
29 mv
16 mv
58 mv
17 mv
84 mv
52 mv
33 mv
65 mv
49 mv
38 mv
96 mv
98 mv
Adam: 9.5 pt., Crust: 9 pt., Altti: 8 pt., Epoc: 6.5 pt., Sqaree: 5 pt., Animals: 4 pt., Kratzer: 0 pt.,

Scores for Asgarthr (maximum possible score 12):

1 Adam, Tønsberg, Norway 9.5 points
2 crust, somerset, UK 9 points
3 altti, ny, usa 8 points
4 Epoc, , Italy 6.5 points
5 sqAree, Berlin, Germany 5 points
6 animals, Peterborough, UK 4 points
7 Kratzer, , Germany 0 points


(Tjalfe og Røskva, tegnet af Peter Madsen til Valhalla-albummerne)

Scores for Mithgarthr (maximum possible score 10):

8 docbullen, formby, Merseyside 8 points
9 AreVidar, Oslo, Norge 6 points
10 duhawk93, , United States
mmagari, Milano, Italia
5 points
12 Mykle, Stavanger, Norway
imaxuncut, New York, USA
3 points


(Gyldendal - Den Store Danske, UdgÄrdsloke, tegnet af Peter Madsen til det femte Valhalla-album, Rejsen til UdgÄrdsloke)

Scores for Utgarthr (maximum possible score 8):

14 Sybil, Sorbara, Italy 7 points
15 Steiger, Horlivka, Ukraine 6 points
16 Aluric, Mayodan, USA 5 points
17 Patterson, Charleston, WV, United States 2 points

Preliminary round.

NB! Preliminary round time buffer 7 days only!

Heithabyr group.

Scores for Heithabyr (maximum possible score 12):

1 altti, ny, usa 11 points
2 animals, Peterborough, UK 10 points
3 AreVidar, Oslo, Norge 7 points
4 Mykle, Stavanger, Norway
mmagari, Milano, Italia
5 points
6 Aluric, Mayodan, USA 3 points
7 Patterson, Charleston, WV, United States 1 points

Tunsberg group.

Scores for Tunsberg (maximum possible score 14):

1 Adam, Tønsberg, Norway 14 points
2 Kratzer, Germany 11 points
3 docbullen, formby, Merseyside 9 points
4 duhawk93, United States 8 points
5 imaxuncut, New York, USA 7 points
6 Gilrowen, Antwerp, Belgium 4 points
7 vonraider, Oakland, USA 3 points

Fornebei group.

Scores for Fornebei (maximum possible score 10):

1 crust, somerset, UK 10 points
2 Epoc, Italy
sqaree, Berlin, Germany
7 points
4 Sybil, Sorbara, Italy
Steiger, Horlivka, Ukraine
3 points

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