Diagonal Tournament Format test, April 2023 -

Test of the Diagonal Tournament Format.

Three lines of test:

The Market and the Total Hnefatafls follow the description above.

The Sahkku, too.
But a couple of Sahkku tourn. details differ from the standard format:

The tests can start in April.
By March 18, these players registered for the test
Market Hnef.: draganov, cromwell, jilles, brave-frog, potapych, dimetr, rosk, jrton80, paul7, skye, mika, themightyglider
Total Hnefatafl: draganov, jrton80, potapych, mika
Sahkku: draganov, colophonius, potapych, brave-frog, xerxes, rosk, jrton80, mika

Updated 24.3.2023
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