Foteviken tablut, Ashton tablut and Nicolas Cartier.

Foteviken tablut rules in English.
Foteviken tablut regler på svenska (Foteviken's Museum).
Foteviken tablut rules in English (Foteviken's Museum).

John C. Ashton in USA did an interesting analysis directly from the Latin diary of Carl von Linné. Ashton suspected the game rules in Anglo-American countries to be erroneous due to a chain of translation errors and misunderstandings and therefore started over again with a fresh translation of the Latin text. The findings were published in the research article Linnaeus's Game of Tablut and its Relationship to the Ancient Viking Game Hnefatafl.

Nicolas Cartier from France wrote this article on Tablut in French and permitted it to be published here. (November 2011).
The tablut rules deducted by Nicolas Cartier, translated into English.

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