Brandubh on Jocly

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Brandubh on Jocly

Post by feadan » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:53 pm

I played a number of Brandubh games on Jocly and to me that variant appeared a bit silly.
The rules: move limited to one square defender wins when the king reaches any edge square attacker wins surrounding king with four pieces
perpetual repetitions aren't forbidden. I play black and every game ends whitin a few minutes in a draw.
Has anybody here tried that variant on jocly? Are the rules to blame for that or because I'm a beginner.
I played the 11x11 hnefatafl on jocly and thats alright.

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Re: Brandubh on Jocly

Post by cyningstan » Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:02 am

I hadn't realised the Brandub rules on Jocly had a limited move for the pieces. I don't think any game of eight attackers will work very well if you have to use half your army to surround the king.

I've just played an 11x11 game against the computer. It uses Murray''s old rules, with a strong king who wins at the board edge. The only reason I managed to win as the attackers is because the AI isn't particularly bright. The king in this game will normally win easily with two beginners or two experts.

There are a lot of good implementations of various games of Jocly, but I don't count hnefatafl among them. This is a shame, as they let other people embed the games in their own web sites. The fact that the hnefatafl games don't stand up to a decent level of gameplay is the reason I haven't embedded the Jocly games in my own hnefatafl site.

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