Compiling a list of openings

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Re: Compiling a list of openings

Post by Hagbard » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:10 am

Hagbard wrote:In a few weeks I'll set up a test tournament, asking players to start with the cluster 17 two moves.
A test tournament of the Copenhagen Brench cluster 17 was done with 5 players, 20 games.
Brench predicted 83% white wins, and the test came very close to that: 75% white wins!

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Re: Compiling a list of openings

Post by nath » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:19 pm

I think the prefixes are actually to short to say things definitely, but I am intrigued that there's something happening here. I'd love some top level player discoursing about openings. I personally think (even though I pushed an promoted that move when there where little to none composed openings) that the h3 is overrated. I think the reason that move shows the best rating is because nearly all educated players play it - not because it's extraordinary strong (even though it isn't weak - otherwise I wouldn't have adopted it in the first place).

I'd love to see discussions to understand WHY a certian opening is weak or strong. I can easily see that the results of the cluster 17 tournament are tainted because the average player was to weak and white get more wins (statistically) if the black player isn't strong.
I won't say that this move is weak (I myself play that from time to time), but I don't understand yet enough to say whether it's better or worse than h3 c8 (even though it felt more natural to me back in the day).

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