Puzzle 7

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Puzzle 7

Post by Hagbard » Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:51 pm

Copenhagen Hnefatafl. White wins in 7 moves. How?

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Re: Puzzle 7

Post by Brandon_Error404 » Mon May 04, 2020 2:32 pm

My friends Riiem and 187Gallo invited me to try out some tafl puzzles from here. It's quite a challenge sometimes, but certainly a lot of fun.
Anyway I have some catching up to do, so that's why I'm here starting with 7.
Gallo had a different possibility that he'll be posting aswell, below was mine (hope the formatting is alright):
1. ... ________ B7-C7
2. F11-C11 ___ B10-B3
3. A5-A3 _____ B2-C2
4. E1-B1 _____ B3-B2
5. A3-A2 _____ E3-A3xA2
6. C4-C3 _____ B2-A2
7. B1-C1xC2 __ A2-A1++
Because it is white's turn the opening is a move that threatens to capture B11 and leaving black without further options. Thus black has to respond by moving a piece to C11, C10 or C9. In any case the way down is open for the king.

Again black is forced to prevent the king from getting to A3 in the next move.
Moving B2 to C2 opens the way for the king to the corner, forcing black to put E1 in the way.

Then moving the king down another tile once more puts him in position to get next to the corner. Black is forced to put a piece on A2.
A move that only delays the inevitable as the black piece gets captured right away. All black can do now is take a piece from white for style points and watch as the king escapes.

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Re: Puzzle 7

Post by 187Gallo » Mon May 04, 2020 2:40 pm

I fully agree with Brandon's solution until the 5th turn:
6._d2-c2___b2-b1 R
7._f1-d1___b1-a1 T
Basically, this way it allows the Defender to leave without losing (nor taking) any other piece. I just find it slightly more elegant.
All the same reasoning from Brandon's solution apply here as well.

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