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Post by Draganov » Fri Oct 30, 2020 5:16 pm

Hello everyone,
My name is Plamen Draganov and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am 32-year-old, married with a 3-month-old baby boy. I used to work as a History teacher in a Secondary School but changed my job 2 years ago and at that moment I am working as a web developer.
I found the Hnefatafl game while I was searching on the Internet for some ancient board games. I started playing Copenhagen Hnefatafl in the beginning of September 2020 and joined the world tournament this year.
The Hnefatafl game impressed me with its dynamical and tactical gameplay. Before finding the Hnefatafl game, I played chess on amateur level and I can see how the chess games helps me to understand the principals of Tafl.
I hope to make new friends in the nice Hnefatafl community here and deepen my knowledge as well as understanding of Tafl. :)

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Re: Member introductions

Post by fishcakes » Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:41 am

Hello everyone! I am working on a university project based on Brandubh, and am planning on developing an adaptive AI online for people to play against. I wish to learn a lot about the game, rules, history, and strategy! I have only just started learning Brandubh so as of now I am likely a very weak player but I hope to learn from the community and eventually give something back.

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