Tournament on Fetlar 2017

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Tournament on Fetlar 2017

Post by Hagbard » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:38 pm

Comment from Damian Walker's site:


We are planning a memerioal Tournament for the late Peter Kelly who was the architect in developing the Fetlar Rules. Provsionally set for 21st October at Fetlar hall. There will be both Junior and Senior catgories as well as a Junior v senior champoin match. Finals will be played using real vikings from Shetland Up Helly Aa squads as pieces ! You can keep up to date on the latest information about the tournament at

The rules used will of course be the Fetlar rules using the speed Hnefatafl format that Peter also developed, where players have to move before the strike of a gong struck at quite short intervals !

We would love to see anyone who can make it.

Robert Thomson - 13:50, 10/08/2017

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