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Re: proposal for an international hnefatafl society

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:55 am
by Hagbard
Mjølnir wrote:

Hello everybody! I am completely new to the game, but enjoy it very much, and would like to help you in starting up a "norwegian branch" of your new association... how long you've come in the process so far?

Hope to hear from all of you soon! ;)

Tromsø Tafl Laug

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 11:45 am
by Hagbard
Mjølnir wrote:

I am happy to announce that the "Tromsø Tafl Laug" has launched its facebook-page as the first (?) organised hnefatafl Club in Norway!! :)

It's an open Group, so everyone is invited to join/like us. Especially, we would like to keep contact with Adam and other players in Norway, to properly establish the WTF - Norway.
As a playing venue, we try to get an arrangement With the "Victoria Fun Pub" in Tromsø, and the Club is already promised 6 game sets as sponsoring gift. Further details will be decided at Foundation Meeting 14/6.

Kind regards,

Mjølnir (the player formerly known as Eirik :mrgreen:)

Re: Tromsø Tafl Laug

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:19 pm
by Adam
Hi Mjølnir/Eirik,

I sent a message to Frank who set up the facebook page, is that you, or someone else?

Anyway, its about the Wtf running a small tournament in Tromsø in conjunction with the 2014 chess olympiad. I've been contacted about it, but Tønsberg is a long way from Tromsø ;)

If you guys are up for it, it would make sense for the Tromsø club to arrange the tournament. From a Wtf point of view, the idea would be not just promoting hnefatafl as a game from history, but promoting Wtf modern tafl rules for modern day international tournaments. As it stands our best shot at a balanced rule set robust enough for modern tournaments is the Copenhagen rules, though this may develop as we all continue playing and discussing on the site.

Let me know if the Tromsø club is interested and able to take this on, and I'll get you some more details and get you in touch with the people behind this. It might be an idea for us all to run another Copenhagen test tournament on the website too, partly as a warm up, partly to remind ourselves of and retest Copenhagen's balance and robustness.