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Post by Adam » Tue May 15, 2012 11:51 am

crust wrote:ZOMBIES !!!
I have a suggestion for a new variant, zombietafl, using othello counters as pieces. Pieces are not removed from the board, but rather flipped over, or zombified into black, or 'cured' into healthy white pieces. The king is the scientist who can save the day, and can only be overcome by four zombies.

I have NO idea how that would play out. Probably totally unplayable. Might work best with a berserk rule. Fun to try though!

It could also work so that black captures turn white into black, while white captures kill the zombies and remove them from play.

Both zombie variants beg the question of what happens to the king? Is goal to escape, or to cure all the zombies, and does capturing him end the game, or is he rather converted, so that the winner is the player who still has pieces left on the board? (all zombies, or all healthy people).

Time to open a new zombie thread?

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