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Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:29 pm
by crust
I think it might be time to normalise our hnefatafl notation a bit - I've been using and "x" after a move to show that a warrior was captured by that move, and an "xx" if two are captured at the same time, likewise "xxx" for three simultaneous captures (more common than you might think). I don't think it's necessary to state the co-ordinates of the captured piece; shoul be obvious. I suppose the "x" isn't necessary either, but I think it adds clarity. Any views on this?

Also, I think the recorded games in future should just start with black's first move and white's first move as first pair of moves in the notation.
For instance, 1. d1 - d3, e5 - e2
and so on. It's confusing to have white's first move paired with black's second move, as we do now (because of chess convention of starting with white, which surely doesn't apply here). Not intended as criticism, merely suggestion!