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Re: Hnefatafl Internet Championship

Post by Hagbard » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:05 am

- Or more like the Football World Cup running right now:
Round 1 is roughly half of the players, with the lower ratings.
Two winners from each group go to Round 2.

Round 2 is rest of the players plus winners from Round 1.
One winner from each group goes to the Final.

This scheme in work last year 2017 would look like this:

Registered players:
Steiger, jrton80, AreVidar, OdinHimself, edmond-dantes, animals, xerxes, altti, epm180, Kratzer, Tuireann, casshern, sqAree, Waegn, MrTopom, Hagbard, Patterson, Thanir, Fraech, DoktorKarlsrud, JKRS, emabear35, bigwurm91, tomsavini, Lbalassone, Marcin, Rasmusruge, Brench, gokstad, Ozgen97, Kihtan, Plantagenet, Agmundr, evando1189

Round 1.

1. xerxes, Fraech, DoktorKarlsrud, JKRS, evando1189
2. Brench, Kihtan, MrTopom, emabear35, Ozgen97
3. Marcin, jrton80, Waegn, tomsavini, gokstad
4. Tuireann, AreVidar, Patterson, Lbalassone, Rasmusruge

Perhaps xerxes, Brench, Marcin, Tuireann, AreVidar, jrton80, Kihtan and Fraech would've won and gone to Round 2.

Round 2.

1. casshern, Agmundr, xerxes, Brench
2. Plantagenet, Bigwurm91, Kratzer, Marcin
3. OdinHimself, altti, epm180, Tuireann
4. edmond-dantes, Hagbard, Steiger, AreVidar, Fraech
5. animals, sqaree, Thanir, jrton80, Kihtan

Perhaps casshern, Plantagenet, OdinHimself, edmond-dantes and animals would've won and gone to the Final.

Round 3, the Final.
casshern, Plantagenet, OdinHimself, edmond-dantes, animals

And as we know, Plantagenet won.

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