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Re: Tromsø Tafl Laug

Post by Adam » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:21 pm

filosondre wrote: Adam: I live in Horten, Do you know if theres Hnefatafl tournaments at the "viking marked" (Viking festival") at Borre? Perhaps we could try to start a club in Tønsberg?
Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. Finally a local player!

There is no hnefatafl at the viking market at Borre that I've seen. I've thought about doing it, but my free time energies have been used up presenting hnefatafl at the tønsberg middelaldersfestival. I have donated a large outdoor board to Midgard historisk senter, though its probably fallen apart by now. They also have a couple of sets I designed for them in the museum, but they may not be on display any longer.

A tønsberg club would be great, 'norges eldste by' and all that ; )

I'm sure the library would happily host us. They have an outdoor chess set, maybe they would be up for an outdoor tafl set too?

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Re: World Tafl Federation

Post by Adam » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:05 pm

Hello all, I've noticed that the name 'world tafl forum' seems to have gotten lodged into our consciousnesses, though we had in fact moved on from that in the poll to decide on a name, for good reasons discussed in the poll thread, and settled for World Tafl Federation. It sounds stronger, more official and is more correct in terms of what we are aiming to do as a group.

Is it possible for people with thread titles containing the world tafl forum name to go in and edit so it reads federation? This will help to avoid confusion for all. We are after all setting about creating an identity now, with a proposed publication, so it's important to get this right.

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Re: Hnefatafl Review - the Journal of the World Tafl Forum

Post by cyningstan » Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:26 pm

Sybil wrote:I ask you if we can create a sort of team and define 2 or 3 basic ideas for this magazine.
I'd like riorganize some ideas.
I like these! Particularly the narrative, which I hadn't thought of. This year we've had the Cthulhu vs. the Vikings magazine whose story has been inspired by the game. And I keep seeing on-line fan fiction come up in searches for hnefatafl.

When I first came up with the idea, I had a some things in mind which I probably didn't explain very well in my original post. I'm very much wedded to the idea of timely articles. General articles about rules, strategy and history would form part of the publication but these are things that would be just as well hosted on a normal web site. The purpose of a regular publication would be to highlight things new: new research, new products, new archaeological finds, new variants. I think that at about half of the space (or half of the articles) should deal with new material, possibly including the puzzles, to prevent the publication being no more than an ossified version of the countless web sites we can already look at.

Examples of timely stuff I can think of from 2013 include:
  • The first English hnefatafl championships, in Sutton Hoo.
  • The dicovery of the world's oldest smiley, a hnefatafl king piece (can't find this now, feels like I dreamt it or something).
  • Cthulhu vs. the Vikings kickstarter project.
  • Copenhagen hnefatafl - was this year's tournament the first real test of the rules?
  • The first publications exclusively about hnefatafl: Jesse Robinson's e-book, and a 20-page booklet by some other guy...
  • New clubs: Tromsø Tafl Laug and the Formby Hnefatafl Club
  • Product releases, including computer/mobile games
This, along with product reviews, puzzles, the coming year's calendar of events and similar was what I really had in mind as taking up the bulk of the publication. There are other things that could be added even though they didn't necessarily originate in 2013: possible wider acceptance of Cartier's tablut interpretation, a growing disbelief in the authenticity (and playability) of "ard ri".

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Re: Press Release

Post by Adam » Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:07 pm

Press Release about the World Hnefatafl Federation.

October 21st 2014 Adam Bartley wrote this Press Release about the World Hnefatafl Federation on the occasion of the Hnefatafl Tournament 2014. The paper was sent to major newspapers and magazines in UK, USA, Germany, Norway and Denmark. ... easeB.docx

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