OpenTafl notation formats

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OpenTafl notation formats

Post by Fishbreath » Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:04 am

I've seen a few questions about standardized tafl notation in some threads in this subforum, so I thought I'd point to some work I've done on that front as part of my OpenTafl project. In particular, I've written specifications for computer-parseable formats for tafl variant rules and tafl games, as well as a specification for a protocol for communication between tafl engines and AIs.

The rules and games format can be found here: ... n-spec.txt

The engine protocol can be found here: ... otocol.txt

Serializers and deserializers written in Java and released to the public domain are found here: ... l/notation

I haven't had much time lately to work on OpenTafl, but these elements are relatively well-tested and used throughout the OpenTafl codebase, so they're quite mature as far as these things go.

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Re: OpenTafl notation formats

Post by dashstofsk » Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:45 pm


Has any decision been made about choosing a format to store game records?

If not then may I throw in my own suggestion that it would be simple just to use either a modified form of the PGN notation for Chess, or else
use SGF ( Smart Game Format, ) which is already used for many games.

The same game in both formats could be stored as:

Modified PGN:

[Game "tablut"]
[Size "9"]
[Black "ypercube"]
[White "dashstofsk"]
[Date "2021-01-16"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Board "412"]

1. i6-g6 e7-g7:g6 2. i5-i7 f5-f7 3. f9-f8 e6-b6 4. a4-b4 Ke5-e7 5. e9-g9 Ke7-a7 0-1



;B[ifgf] ;W[eggg:gf] ;B[ieig] ;W[fefg] ;B[fifh] ;W[efbf] ;B[adbd] ;W[eeeg] ;B[eigi] ;W[egag]

And that captures be indicated by appending something like ':g6' or ':gf' to any capture move.

It really would be useful if games and tournaments from this site could be downloadable in some portable notation.

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