Fritjof: a basic hnefatafl games review software

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Fritjof: a basic hnefatafl games review software

Post by Ytreza » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:25 pm


I coded a simple program useful to store games offline and do some basic review with variations handling, position editing, possibility to add comments, markers, arrows...
screenshot.jpg (227.84 KiB) Viewed 3813 times
It is not perfect (I'm not responsible of possible bugs if you try to add variations of variations of variations of variations... :? ) but it is functional and I think it might be of interest for the community.

You can download the software here (for windows):
and the source files here (you need python to run them):
The readme file contains detailed instructions on how to load a game copied from the archive (just copy in a .txt file the list of moves as displayed in the game summary and load it in Fritjof).

Don't hesitate to send me any feedback, suggestion, or report issues. But keep in mind it is an amateur work :oops:

Hope you'll find this useful!

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Re: Fritjof: a basic hnefatafl games review software

Post by nath » Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:48 pm

I'd suggest splitting the file based on
re.compile("\t?\n").split(s) instead of that hard to read loop in convertfile.
The overall parsing is much harder to read than it needs to be due to the lack of split where aplliable (you don't need regexes in most cases).

Stuff like ax1,ax2,ax3,ax4,ax5 belongs either into lists or tuples. This is just an awful lot of typing.

Why do you need to catch the deprecation warnings?

I think some rule checking (capture of king, pieces move horizontally and don't jump) would be sane.

The icons and images are MIT as well, right?
Thank you for the GUI!


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