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Why wa and Video\r\nWhy wa Why wa Why Watch Birds? Photo: Ed Newbold When people ask, Why do you watch birds? we Auduboners all offer our own personal explanations: theyre interesting, beautiful, inspiring, fascinating, and so on. But perhaps one of the most delightful lists ever produced is the following essay by Jack Conner, published by Bird Watchers Digest, July/August 1984, reprinted here by permission. Eight Reasons Why We Bird 1) It sharpens your sight. Before you know it, you learn to see the ruby-crowned kinglet, to identify the ever-so-slight upswing in the bill of the greater yellowlegs, and to spot the half-inch ...\nThe post Why wa and Video appeared first on Attorneys.\r\n\r\n \r\n[url=http://tickets.remmont.com]San-francisco Finance[/url]