Diagonal Race Tournament Format.

The Diagonal Race Tournament Format was developed on this site based on the tournament experiences since 2011 and used for two years now (2021 and 2022).
Format description finished November 2022.


The Diagonal Race Tournament Format is a further development of the Diagonal Tournament Format .
The ordinary Diagonal Tournament Format does not work well with Race Games, because dice and chance play a large role in the games, and therefore there's a need to modify the format for use with Race Games.

Modifications from the Diagonal Tournament Format.

To lessen the role of dice and chance in the tournament, the number of games is increased, as well as the number of losses before elimination.
The number of opponents is increased from 4 to 6. Thus in each round, each player has 12 games.
Number of losses before elimination is increased from 2 to 3.
And again to lessen the role of dice and chance, all losses are cleared before each round.

Tournament setup.

All rounds.

  1. All losses are cleared before the round.
  2. All players are ordered in a row by their ratings for this variant (possibly by maximum ratings).
  3. Each player plays against the next three players in line.
  4. Games are added for "top players" against "bottom players" so that every player ends up with six opponents, that is 12 games.
    Since dice and chance play a large role, there's here not much difference between "top" and "bottom".
  5. If there are only 2 players, they play six pairs of games.
    If there are 3 players, they all play three pairs of games against each other
    And so forth. Always set up such that every player has 12 games.
Players with three or more losses in the round are eliminated.
The rest of the players are set up for the next round the same way as just described.

In case all players were eliminated in the last round:
The player with the fewest losses won.
If there are more players with the same fewest number of losses, the winner is found by counting pieces left, or else a new round between these with all losses cleared.

Continuing with new rounds by this method until a winner is found.

The winner.

Eventually only one player is left, the winner.

Tournament Race Simulator.

The Diagonal Race Tournament Format can be tested with this tournament simulator:
Diagonal Race Tournament Simulator.

Simulator with 4 opponents.

The format was also tested with 4 opponents (instead of 6), 2 losses for elimination (instead of 3) and always 8 games (instead of 12). Here the dice play a larger role for the result:
Diagonal Race Tournament Simulator 4 opponents.

Aage Nielsen, November 3, 2022.

Updated 8.11.2022
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